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I don’t feel like I’m good enough for my family due to my sexuality. I don’t feel good enough for my partner because I feel like I make life difficult because of my depression. And at times I honestly wonder whether God truly loves me or not because of what I’ve been fed about God and the LGBT+ community

That’s so rough, friend…to feel like this core part of you is separating you from your family and from God…and to feel like on top of that, to feel like you’re not enough for the person who accepts your sexuality…gosh, it’s like there’s no place on this planet where you belong or feel like you’re okay to just be you, right here, right now.

If it’s any consolation…I know for a fact that God loves you. That’s the beautiful part about “Unconditional Love”, right? Is that there are no conditions to it. There’s no asterisk that says – unless you aren’t straight, right? God loves you, 100%, right now as is. That’s unconditional.

Even though you are struggling, please know that you are not alone. You may feel like everything is falling down around you and that’s okay but remind yourself, you are loved, you are strong and you are amazing. You’re partner is holding you up because they love you, and want to carry you until you can walk on your own two feet again

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