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i am struggling with a lot of problems and the stress of everything in my life is hard on me. when i cry about it, i’m shut down or put down.

Gah, for you to feel like it’s so impossible to carry the weight, and to try to share that with others, and then for them to just shut you down like that? That’s brutal, friend…I’m so sorry…it sounds like life’s really burdensome for you right now, and I want you to know you’re not alone…I literally broke down yesterday under the weight / stress in my life…you’re not crazy for feeling overwhelmed…I cried too…and I hope that you know that you’re not silly for feeling that way, and you’re not a burden for wanting to share it. I’m so glad that you decided to open up here so that I can tell you: YOUR FEELINGS MATTER…and so do you <3 Hold fast friend.

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Keep fighting there’s a light at the end of the tunnel❤️ it may seem like no one loves you but I promise there is. I bet someone somewhere thinks your the absolute best person in the world. I may not know you personally but I’ve been where you are almost every day, I’ve seen what Suicide does to family and friends, my best friend even committed suicide in January and there was nights I couldn’t sleep cause I felt like I was to blame. Think about others as well❤️ your not the only one that fights these voices and the best part is your gonna get through this❤️