Maybe I can trust my negative thoughts

So yeah,
things kind of escalated in the past few days. I was confronting this guy I was dating, who I was really committed to and I thought it was the same for him, why he doesn’t take any opportunity to meet up with me. Why he is practically searching for an excuse. It turned into a really big discussion and after a while, he said that he is scared of commitment.

It drives me mad. I’m wondering how long he would’ve kept me waiting had I not confronted him about it. And he was always so respectful. I should say that I am transgender, so I’m even having a hard time finding someone at all, unfortunately.
He was always so nice and telling me that everything is going to be ok and stuff. It’s heartbreaking.


Hey @kira I’m sorry that the confrontation had to happen but I’m proud of you for wanting to find out what was going on. I hope that knowing why he was acting the way he was will help you find some peace in some way. I know that it can be hard and kind of annoying when people don’t communicate and everyone has their own personal struggles with communication but I’m glad you both could come together and talk, even if it was difficult.

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