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Medical issues, physical ailments, and more medical issues

I’ve been extremely these past couple days. Wrote this in the school clinic because my ankle started hurting really bad when I started walking from lunch. I can’t walk on my left leg. This year got rough already. Suffering from abdominal cramps, i have this weird bump and growth on the back of my scalp and my neck, and my nose. Sometimes the right side of my face starts hurting. Sometimes I shake and sometimes I get nauseous.

And sometimes I feel weak. I can’t complete my workouts. So tired that I had to take a nap in the school guidance counselor’s room. And I’ve fallen asleep in class multiple times this week. I haven’t slept in class that often before. I feel terrible and I feel upset and sad.

Also found out that dad who is diabetic has blood pressure levels that are dangerously high. The doctor said he has too much red blood cell production. He has now a higher risk of getting a heart attack or something severe.


Hi @Amaris

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.

Have you been seeing a doctor for your health issues? If you’re not, I think you should really consider it. There could be medical reasons why you’re so tired and having these problems. I hope you have a better day and know that you are loved :hrtlegolove:


hope you can find a good doctor and let them know about all of these pains and discomfort so they can find the cause(s) and help treat them or give you some relief.

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Hi Amaris
You are really going through a lot and you are so very strong. Your health issues are concerning to say the least. I would definitely go see a doctor. It is possible these issues are connected to your mental state but they dont have to be. There are many possibilities and that is why its important to get yourself checked by a doctor. I hope its nothing serious and I hope you will be ok but if it is something serious it should get the right treatement as soon as possible. I wish you all the best Amaris. Take care. :wink:

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