Mental exhaustion

Starting to feel mentally exhausted anyone know of a way to help with that.


Hard to think through a problem when you’re exhausted, which gets you caught in a loop of just being exhausted all of the time and not being able to see a way out. And when you’re exhausted, you tend not to do the things that really refresh/refuel/reset you. It’s a self-defeating loop. Sorry to hear you’re in this place…

I can definitely relate. I start to see myself go down the “exhausting downward spiral” when I lose a grip on easy things that relate to caring for myself. Like skipping brushing my teeth at night is a good sign of exhaustion for me. Sounds small, but it’s just the idea that I can’t take 60 seconds to care for myself. Or oversleeping through my morning routine. Or not taking time to refill my water bottle. All of these little signs of giving in to the exhaustion and not pausing to care for myself.

For me, I’ve found that the way out is the opposite of the way in. And it usually - fortunately - can be as small as the steps that I took to slip into this rut. Taking a minute to go fill up a cup of water and drink it - just telling myself in that moment, I am worth this time. I am worth taking care of. I matter. Usually, when I take a moment to do this, it creates a positive momentum, making the next “yes” to self-care easier. Yes, I will brush my teeth. Yes, I will go to bed on time. Yes, I will take a minute to eat breakfast. Etc.

ESPECIALLY when you’re in an exhausted space, I wouldn’t overthink or overcomplicate it. Start with ONE action that is /good for YOU/, and tell yourself out loud, “I matter. I am worth taking care of.”

Now - there may be external things that exacerbate this, and this might be an oversimplification. But I do think that re-establishing a foundation underneath you is WORST CASE helpful to refill you to be able to weather those external factors.

If this isn’t a good enough starting place, you can write back and explain more what’s getting you exhausted, and I’d be happy to hear more!

hope this helps

It’s not really self-care kinda stuff it’s more work related.

Ah gotcha - what’s going on at work?

I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed and I feel like no notices or care’s about me.

Yeah. Hard to feel any level of motivation if no one cares and it just doesn’t matter.

Yeah plus I constantly have this feeling I can’t shake that everyone thinks I’m unintelligent or something.

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing with us. Work can be hard, particularly when it feels like you’re on a treadmill, trying to get your work done but the machine just keeps speeding up – piling more work on. It sounds like this is getting exacerbated by the fact that you aren’t being supported by others in your workplace, which can be so exhausting.

Thank you for being here and for sharing.

<3 Tuna

From Manni:

In any group, it can get difficult to feel seen. At work, or at school, that can serve as a really significant source of stress! Remember that even when others don’t seem to notice, you likely play a much larger role than they openly acknowledge. Have you ever considered starting your day with loving affirmations?

No I probably couldn’t ever remember doing that.

Hi there,

I saw that you have a few recent posts, and I’d imagine that the content of those just furthers this exhaustion, which sounds quite frustrating. I just wanted to check in and remind you that we’re here for you and care about you. Thank you for being a wonderful member of this community.

<3 Tuna

From Manni:

Hey, LF! How have you been? We wanted to remind you that we’re still rooting for you!

Hey I’m doing alright sorry if I’ve made you worry with so many posts here recently.

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