Metal/Metalcore that helps

Do you guys know metal/metalcore bands which helps to get through self-harm issues, suicidal thoughts, BPD, and anxiety ?
I am listening to the same songs for 5 years.


Ok lxdlau . You asked for it. Now you will get it. Here they come!!!

Bullet for my Valentine. Especially their first three albums plus Venom.

Bring Me The Horizon. Albums: Thats the Spirit and Sempiternal

Parkway Drive: Songs: Wishing wells, Vice Grip, Shadow boxing

Architects: Last 4 albums

The amitty afliction: The album Let the Ocean take me

Asking Alexandria: their last album

I prevail. songs: Pull the plug, Scars, Braking Down

Bad omens: Finding god before he finds me album

Annisokay: Songs: Under your tatoos, End of the world, STFU

Our Last Night: Songs: Fate, bury the hatchet, Same old war, Home

Some others but These are the ones that comes to mind now. What are yours. :wink:


As I Lay Dying: Shaped By Fire (album)

Flyleaf: Memento Mori (album)

We Came As Romans: Darkbloom (song)

Fit For a King: Oblivion (song)

August Burns Red: Guardians, but for me specifically the song Ties That Bind

Beartooth: Fire, Loser, Greatness or Death, Bad Listener, Hell of It, Won’t Give It Up. The rest of their catalog tends to be pretty upbeat and charged up too.


This song was written by someone who has BPD


More punk than metalcore specifically, but, the belgian group “Brutus” has been a good discovery lately. No idea if this would be your type of music though!