Mirror of questions

I look in the the mirror each and every day,
ask myself that same question before I walk away.
Nobody answers, the mystery stays the same.
As a child I asked who am I anyway?
I still ask who am I to this day.
My mind feels like a maze swallowed by decay,
the happiness I felt as a child has completely gone away.
I ask the shadows if they know my name,
I wanna know my name today.
I’m asking who am I anyway?
I walk down the street and everybody looks away,
it’s like they sense inside i’m really not ok.
These monsters eat at me everyday.
Who am I anyway?
Why am I not ok?
These voices claim i’m somebody different everyday,
one day me, the next who am I anyway?
Why am I cursed to live this way,
am I a child gone insane?
thats why I look in the mirror each day,
to beg the voices please go away.
Who are you anyway?
Who I on this day?
Who are we anyway?

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I think these are common questions we as human ask ourselves on a regular basis. Especially when we battle through hardships. We question ourselves and our purpose. We question others in their actions and words. It’s only natural to. Especially when times are hard.

Writing is such a great way to express our feelings. I often channel my energy through my art when I’m struggling. Creative expression can be powerful and very therapeutic.

Thank you for sharing.

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