Missing my friends

I run a discord community for people who struggle within the Mental Health community and it is a glorious thing seeing people grow from their struggles. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t see a way out of their struggles and they take their own life.
Just last week the online community I run celebrated 1 year and I am beyond proud of the 122 people in there. Unfortunately 3 of them took their own life since joining. I acknowledge that I have survivor’s guilt, it sucks. I should’ve been there for them, there’s something I could’ve done. I know I should’ve been there for those 3. They were some of the most talented and nice people i’ve ever met. I miss them a lot and I know i’m a bit of a hypocrite in some ways about how I deal with their deaths but I miss them a lot. We would have 8 hour chats and laugh our asses off at the dumbest stuff. The more I feel lonely the more I miss them. 2 of them ended their own lives one of them fell off a pretty high ledge on accident and suffered head trauma (she wasnt the only one there when she fell) and died on impact. I would do almost anything to see them again.
Some advice on how to cope with this would be great. Thanks guys.
Hold fast.


Hey friend,

I’m sorry I don’t have much advice, but friend I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this.

Thank you for sharing, this is not taken for granted.

Even though these people have passed on I know that they still love you and care. True friendship never ends.

Things are going to be ok friend, just know that. You did what you could, these events were not your fault.

You are loved. I am so glad I can call you a friend.

Hold fast.

With love,


I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my first ever friend who was really kind to me, and even though i was younger at the time, i still miss him. They would want you to keep on living. Cherish the memory of them.

Beautiful Pain, by Andy Black.

Stay strong <3


Hey @StHaTaDi-Ethan - I’m proud of you for leading a community that creates a sense of community for depressed people. What’s your Discord called? I’d love to check it out sometime. Survivor’s guilt is a very real thing, so don’t feel bad that you’re experiencing this. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost a few people in the process of creating such a healthy group. But, try not to focus on the people you’ve lost, but instead, try to focus on the people you’re helping. You’re helping over a hundred people and you should be proud of that!

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