Missing the old man

The day before Thanksgiving I was at the store picking some stuff up that we needed with my brother and we thought we saw our dad today I cried in the shower over it there’s so much I wanna tell him and do with him knowing that none of my future partners are gonna get to meet his weird ass I’m no longer gonna wake up to him sitting in the living room with the cat on his lap and some car show on the TV I’m never gonna get to tell him I’m trans I’m never gonna get to hug him again or just hang out with him ever again I really do miss the old man some days I just can’t go without him more then others


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, We miss those we love who have passed all of the time, we think about them all of the time but at this time of year for some reason it always seems harder, feels like they are further away when really when you think about it, if its at all possible for them to be close to us this is the time when they are gong to be right there enjoying this time of year with their family. I like to think your dad is right at your side most of the time and knows all the things that you think you cant tell him. Loss is cruel and so unfair and yet we all have to face it and there are no words that I can say tht can stop the pain you feel so tonight just close your eyes and tell your dad everything you want him to know because im sure he does hear you and he can spiritually hug you and I can virtually hug you too. Much Love Lisa. x

From: twixremix

hey derpplup,

loss and grief is probably the hardest parts of life. i’m so sorry you’re going through this and feeling such a gap in your life. i know your dad would’ve loved meeting your future partners, hearing about your trans journey, creating more goofy memories with y’all, and catching up on car shows. it’s a beautiful thing that one life can leave such an impact on us. i’m so glad he was and continues to be a part of your life as you continue his memory and his personality with you for the rest of your time on this earth. i hope you continue to see him in the little things, small reminders that he’s with you always, guiding you towards strength, happiness, and hope. i know for me, i find comfort 2 years after my grandfather’s passing every time i see merch of his fav football team or drive by his old house. i used to be sad but i’ve been able to transform the grief into strength and appreciation for him being in my life. sending you so much comfort and love, my friend.


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From: Dr Hogarth

Hi Derpplup,

It’s a weird contradiction that death is such an intregral part of life and yet our brains find it almost impossible to understand. We continue to see people and imagine what could have been. One thing that helped me a lot (actually from a sci fi show but stay with me) was to imagine different times as different places. My Grandad is always sitting in his armchair with his cats on his lap and his dogs at his feet in the time that I remember and that place is always there, just not physically accessible, but it’s still there and always will be.

Your Dad is still in the living room with his cat on his lap watching the TV and he will always be in the places you remember him, woven into the fabric of what that place is.

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