Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure helps

I’ve worked in “corporate America” a few times and decided that it just wasn’t for me. The past couple of long term jobs that I’ve had have been through small businesses. The first one was a small repair shop and it really helped hone my skills repairing computers, for which I am grateful. However, the owner was a terrible person. I made decent money, but he really was an insufferable bastard. I rage quit a couple of times, but came back because his wife contacted me and talked me back into it. She was the only reason I stuck around as long as I did. Once he started cheating on her and then bragging to me about it, I decided enough was enough. I put myself in a pretty awful situation financially, but I needed to get out.

Flash forward to 2019. History repeats itself. I’ve been working for another small repair company, but certainly much bigger than the previous shop. I’m making more money than I’ve ever made and I’ve grown quite comfortable with my earnings. I have my fiance and her two children that I help support. I was promoted to store manager within a year or so and it’s been tough, but rewarding. The owner is NOT the same person I started working for 4 years ago. He’s cheated on his wife (though I’m not supposed to know about that) and he’s supposedly making amends, but it doesn’t seem genuine. He has pulled me away from the repair shop and has me working with him on really vague (non-repair related) side jobs that require me to work ALL of the time. Where I go, the laptop goes. I’m still in touch with what I consider my other family at the repair shop and it feels like he’s about to abandon them and focus on this new business that he’s starting.

I feel like I’m heading down a path of uncertainty (aren’t we all?) with this business venture and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put my faith in my boss’s intentions. I make damn good money though, and he knows it. I’ll be hard pressed to find something equivalent to my current pay. Struggling to decide if I should take a pay cut and switch jobs or keep my hopes up high and my head down low. (Lyrics always seem to find their way into these :grin:)

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Hey Fox, love your username ha.

Thanks for posting here and asking others’ thoughts, I know it helps me to get someone else’s opinion when I feel like I’m not sure which way is up. But, that’s hard - I appreciate you posting.

It sounds like working a gig for the money isn’t something you find happiness in. Especially when the owner treats you the way that he did. You saw that you needed a change and got out!

But history does repeat itself doesn’t it? It sounds like you work very hard, and don’t mind the effort when it brings the results you want. Except, this time you feel as if you’re being pulled in several different directions that are vague and confusing.

You feel like you’re uncertain about your boss and where he’s headed (literally and mentally), but you’re not sure if another new opportunity is right for you.

Do I understand your situation correctly?

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@NoFoxLeft2Give Thanks for sharing your story! I can see why you are going through a tough time with this decision. I must admit, I like your subject line. It’s true that money won’t make us happy in the long-term but it can certainly make life a bit easier when need be.

Honestly, it sounds like you know what to do in your heart and in your spirit. I think the mere fact you are asking the question means you feel uncomfortable working for someone who is potentially not leading you down the right path. Of course leaving a good paycheck is brutal but in the long run, what is really the most important? Only you can answer that.

Have you talked this over with your fiancee? What are her thoughts?

This may not help but I was working a sales job that I was so excited for. Long story short, I quit after 3 weeks. I realized it drained by soul and energy. I didn’t feel good about what I was doing and I was miserable. It was one of the hardest decisions to make and it drained my self-worth for a while but eventually it lead to better doors opening. Just a thought.

Keep us posted on what you decide. I think deep down you know the right decision. Stay strong my friend, we believe in you! :slight_smile:

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I’d say you hit the nail on the head. There’s a lot of uncertainty. He’s on the “get rich quick” bandwagon. I truly hope he’s successful as I would benefit from it as well, but I’m worried about what measures he’s willing to take to achieve said success.

Some days are better than others. The plan as of now is to stay the course while “keeping my feelers out” in hopes that an opportunity presents itself. I certainly appreciate the feedback! I’ll be sure to keep you posted :+1:

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I hear ya man, you feel like the emotional price you might pay for being financially secure isn’t worth it.

Thought I’d ask - how’s today? A better one?

I use to work for Corporate America years ago and I’m glad I quit. There is a lot of corruption and immorality, I left two corporate jobs because of jealousy, drama and just mean backstabbing people and my last job the manager of the office was an arrogant little punk and he was sleeping round everyone and there was a internal investigation by the Security Exchange Commission for fraud and illegal activities. Its a very wicked world of the corporate environment. I keep away from it.

Off to a good start thus far. Work hasn’t really begun yet. Just hanging out on standby until I hear otherwise. I’ve been waking up earlier so that I have a few hours to relax and prepare myself for the day ahead. It seems to help.

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That’s good to hear you are having a good start to the week. Sometimes getting up early to just unwind and find time to have some peace can be one of the best things. Hopefully you day and week go well and that you can figure out how to best tackle the situation you are dealing with. Keep us posted! We believe in you!