Mood swings i cant control

Its only 7:44 am and im at school already but im already having mood swings and i can tell ima have alot more maybe more intense and idk how to controll them i have dealt with my mood disorder (not otherwise specificfied) since i was 8 im 17 now and still dont know how too controll them and idk what to do i cant controll them and domt want them to get worse today while at school

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Hey @Fallen_angel,

Mood swings can be very disturbing and I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with this. Did you ever have the opportunity to talk about it with your parents and a professional (a doctor/a psychiatrist)? It’s okay to feel lost and not knowing how to deal with this. Even if it’s been the same for a long time, you’re still learning to know yourself better everyday. And actually, the job of a professional would be to help you to learn how to cope in this kind of situation. Just to be more equipped while dealing with those mood swings, and to make sure that it doesn’t prevent you to live the life you want. :hrtlegolove:

I am not able to talk to my parents about it cus they getreally frustrated and yell at me i am seeing a phsyciatrist and im on meds for bipolar (not dipgnosed with that) im diognosed with mood disorder (not otherwise specificfied) i see her agian december 7th and i get a therapist again im january havnt had one for past few weeks not therpy of any kind other then school councilor iv had atherapist since i was 8 but have to get another one after we move so currently dont have one im definitely working at trying to get better

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