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Most of life sucks and i dont want to participate

The world is run by rich people, we’re destroying the environment and no one seems to genuinely care, society is being dumbed down to be good little unquestioning cogs in the machine and none of us can go through our lives without being part of the problem because of our society and the way our “economy” works.


I personally believe, that by posting this you have shown that you genuinely care what is happening in this world…

…and seriously, that is beautiful!

I couldn’t agree more, our society and economy make it super difficult to truly make a difference in the way we want to.

But by having your love & care in this world, makes it all the more better, I believe you are someone who can make a great difference. :blush:

My aim is to help make this world a brighter place one kind gesture at a time, I think you have that power too.

You are an incredible human being, keep doing what you feel this world needs.

It needs more people like you :green_heart:


Hi @Most-of-life-is-aweful ,

On Saturday May 1st, the HeartSupport team deployed to a Taco festival in Houston Texas.

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Those tiles r nice. big hugs to everyone who wrote those but unfortunately i find very little encouragement without anything actionable :weary: