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Musing on energy

this is mostly to document and remind myself of the totally random moments the universe on the inside reaches out to the universe outside and I’m left scratching my head.

There was a friend of an acquaintance that on first seeing, and knowing literally nothing else, I felt like cloudy skies suddenly cleared into bright sunshine. (this may have also been literal since he was sitting in the sun LOL). It was the closest thing to love at first sight (to another human at least), without any sort of romantic inkling, or even any expectations. It was a soul moment that briefly left me confused as to what I was supposed to do next - introduce myself, try to be friends? Was that the reason for this instant feeling of bondedness? But nope, none of that, it was just a random moment that was for itself, and nothing else.

10 years later, a wedding entourage goes past the house. Here, that means loudspeakers attached to car or a whole music truck blasting music followed by the happy couple then all of the wedding guests in their respective vehicles (we are a party people hehe). One such goes past, as they do most weekends, except this time the same intense love and affection come soaring up and I just feel connected to the groom, and was overjoyed for his wedding. Only now as I type this, years later, do I make the connection! :o It’d be hilarious if it were the same guy!

Reminded of all this because of some words on the internet I saw this year, when something about it felt so familiar, so known, that it cut through all my defenses and logic and left me with the head scratchies again. Not at all disturbing at all, though, it’s just a bit of curiosity out there in the world as to who wrote those words and why it felt like they were my own words. The lovely part is that I don’t need to do anything about it, I can be the Observer and just enjoy the knowledge that that person is out there, with at least one or two others, who have such an electric effect. That I can’t really feel so lonely when there are such bright lights out there in the world, probably always sailing past like ships in the night. Not even sure how weird this will sound in the morning, but who cares :slight_smile: here’s to opening up and sharing weird things I need to remind myself of this year.
my new tagline: Energy is energy, might as well direct it to something positive in this world :slight_smile:


Absolutely beautiful. I would be crazy if it was the same person, but wow what a story.

I get it and its a very interesting way to see things. It makes perfect sense and I’ve never really thought about just being content that someone like this exists for you. Your perspective on life always leaves me thinking.


woohoo! glad this slightly weird post made you think!

You’re always thinking :smiley: I love how open you are to new ideas!

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I love this! I love that story. Knowing that you don’t have to chase every feeling or thought. Love can be love from a distance without polluting it.


That’s such a beautiful story, and wonderfully told. I recognise those rare moments of connectivity that feel somehow above the regular noise of life. Thank you for sharing.


Oh hai @dr_hogarth totally pretends to be cool

Officially welcoming you in! And just so you know, yelling with you at Kit to stop yelling was another one of those rare moments of connectivity for me :smiley:

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Ha ha! For me too! If only he had listened to us …

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