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My aunt invite my sister in law to a wedding

Recently I found that my aunt invited my brother to wedding, he has not been with the family do many years cause my sister in law. She told my parent they were never aloud to see thier grandson again. I lost my shit and snap at her many year ago. She come to my family funeral, she cuase drama at my uncle memorial and her bitch ass mother started drama at an other one.

Mostly my family member kids her ass, like she never does nothing wrong. I feel me, my sister, and my mom are like the outcast of the family. They think better than me cause as educate as them or as successful. I know I’m not perfect, but while hate on my mom, she does a lot for people and loving person.


Man, it sucks to see people revere and esteem people who seem so negative…it sucks to feel like there’s this misperception on who they are – and it feels like as a consequence, there’s this underlying misperception about who you are. Because if they think she’s so great and you’re not – WTF is happening?? It feels like it’s so hard to understand how people could even like or relate to someone who feels so cruel and dramatic and judgmental and mean. And yet people reject you and your mom while you are well-intentioned, kind, and loving people. It feels unfair and confusing…

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