My boyfriend cheated on me again

So as you can tell by the title, my boyfriend cheated again. He did this on my birthday. He was at a conference and met this girl, he said she was “sexy and a great kisser”. When we first met he said “i believe God brought us together” but he also said that he believes God brought them together. I get it he just moved from where I am over to where he is now. I told him i was going to move in with him when i finish school, he said he would wait. Well i understand that he wants a girl his age but he told me age didnt matter. I feel so used and negleted. I just want to either throw something or kill myself. I have never been this angry before. I want this all to stop with me. This is the second time a guy has told me this. He says he wants to be friends. But can i be friends with a guy who cheated on me? I dont know if i should stop trying to look for someone and just be lonely forever. Im finished being treated like this, i get it enough from my family i dont need it from anyone else.

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I’m sorry this happened to you. Maybe you should stay away from him for awhile until you decide of what you are going to do. I encourage you to talk to someone you know in real life, and see if they can help you. You are not alone in this.

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Hi friend,
this really sucks. You don’t deserve this AT ALL and that is unacceptable what he did to you.
You deserve to be happy and not have to worry about someone cheating on you. It isn’t right.
You mentioned that he wants a girl his age but the age difference didn’t matter. How much older is he, if you don’t mind me asking?
I think you should take time for yourself, time to grow and heal, and maybe consider finding someone your own age and someone you trust. I know that you might not want that and you just want to be loved, but friend, you deserve to be loved by someone who is there for you and is invested in you and no one else.
in my opinion, if you stay with him, that feeling of use and neglect will be a part of your relationship. the fact that he said she was a great kisser and was sexy doesn’t show love, it just shows lust and it shows he doesn’t care that you’re with him, he just wants whatever he can get. That sounds super harsh and it might not be the thing you want to hear, but I truly do think you should take a break from each other or call it all off with him, because you don’t deserve this kind of treatment.
Stay Strong


Wait!!! He cheated on you on your birthday?? My friend you deserve so much better. You are better off without them. That is so awful. You have every right to be angry. I’ve been used before too and it sucks and hurts so badly. But do not hurt yourself.
He is not worth it. I do not think you should be friends with him. He sounds really toxic and you deserve waaay better. I believe that you will find someone someday who will love you and respect you. Someone who makes you smile at random times of the day and someone who always tells you you are beautiful. And when you find that person you will realize what it truly means to love someone. But until that time your heart will need time to heal. So be angry! Be sad, be hurt, be all the things you need to feel right now. But just know that this hurt will not last forever. It will be slow, but you will heal from this heartbreak. And we will be here for you every step of the way. Sending you all my love.

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Hello friend, thanks for reaching out.

This happened a lot in the past - both as a victim and the offender - and I realised there’s no way you two could still be friends. I tried that too but ended up losing the person.

Cheating is something that happens pretty often. Being the one who cheated once in the past I can affirm that you can’t blame him for being attracted to her. Attraction is ok. However, choices are completely another thing.
I doubt that this will last long, but the best thing for you is to part ways with this guy and enjoy some time alone. He’s been a jerk but you don’t have to.

Love you ╳

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Thank you River for posting about this and being so open and honest. It’s not an easy thing to go through let alone discuss it!

I’m sorry this has happened to you, it’s not easy and it really breaks our trust not only in that person but trusting anyone going forward. I think the biggest thing I want to make sure you understand is that you are not defined by this person or what this person has done to you. When we’re cheated on or our trust is broken, we often ask ourselves questions like “why am I not good enough? Did I do something wrong? What’s wrong with me?”…these questions are normal to ask but the thoughts that follow or the answers you come up with to these questions are more than likely going to be wrong. You are not worthless, you are worthy of love and worthy of honesty and truth, this situation doesn’t define you or make you any less. Please never forget your worth and forget that you matter.

I hope this helps and I believe that there is hope in finding love that is true and honest and love that is everything that you deserve.

Hold fast, my friend.

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@rivermakesart We love you so much River. Hold Fast.


im so sorry hes cheating on you . let me ask you this why are you still together (if you are) . i hope you find someone that treats you better .this isnt fair to you just know you are loved so much.

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