My Brain is Mush

Here goes absolutely nothing. I have become quite pained at just the simplest of thoughts and numb to the things that should be more of a focal point. Now bear with me please, I am not ignorant nor exceptionally intelligent, but I fall at a decent spot between those lines. My “simple thoughts” are never the right ones; for example, when I need to focus on a certain subject my brain tends to wander off making its way onto something not as simple. This is not the MAIN problem. So due to this small inconvenience my grades in school begin to drop, I become mentally exhausted, and the smallest things stress me out and ruin things. With work and everything I have become exceptionally overworked and overwhelmed and I keep getting yelled at from sleeping as much as I can on my days off, but I am to a point of such extreme exhaustion that I can barely do plain, everyday tasks. I have become mentally fried lately and I have told my parents, boss, teachers, yet it IS IGNORED.

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Yeah man, to feel like despite your best efforts you can’t get your brain to do what you want it to…which causes suffering at school and stress from trying to keep up…then at work, the same…except both circumstances become like snowballs, right, the worse it gets, the faster it gets worse, the worse it gets, the faster it gets worse, etc…and you don’t know how to keep things from spiraling out of control, but right now it feels like your life is this whiplash between struggle and disappointment and struggle and disappointment and you’re exhausted from trying to hold on, so you’re trying to care for yourself by sleeping but feel like that’s only leading to more stress and pressure from your parents, so school is pressured, work is pressured, home is pressured, and you feel like your brain isn’t keeping up, and you don’t know how to get out of this cycle of getting smashed by this snowball effect.

Hey man.

That feeling of exhaustion is really rough. It must be overwhelming and frustrating when everyday tasks become difficult.

I feel for you. I really think that you deserve to take care of yourself. Maybe it means working a few less hours a week, putting more focus on getting a healthy amount of sleep, or just drinking more water. I would strongly encourage you to put a focus on helping yourself physically and mentally. So many people (including myself) often neglect to take care of themselves to the point where it affects their academics, relationships, and overall capability of functioning as a human being. I really think some self-help stuff could help a lot. There are many lists online of things you can do if you don’t know where to start.

About being ignored when you open up about this, that realllyyyyyy sucks. I’m very sorry. I just want you to know that you are not alone here and you will not be ignored. We love you and we really care about you. The world needs you here and we want you to be the happiest, best version of yourself that can help the world. None of us can be the perfect version of ourselves all the time, obviously, but this community great for working towards that. I hope you can find hope and encouragement in this group that will help you with this. We believe in you.

Continued to voice your concerns. IF they are ignored then you need to make the appropriate actions to make it so you can graduate school or continue to work. Don’t let yourself continue in the state of being burned out though. Your health both mental & Physical are priority.