My brother?

Me and my brothers always have had an shakey relationship, I don’t how to explain it my brother threatened to stab me with a fork, chased me with a knife, vividly expressed he wanted to murder me, threw sharp objects at me. Sometimes everyday after school for a time he’d punch me in the face to the point of bloody lips, we would also get in horrible fights where we’d say names to each other that where horrible, and fights lots of fights, this past week my brother called me fat, fat cow almost everyday (my mom also called me fat, and not smart how I’d never compare to my cousin) my brother’s would team up and bully me.

I have so much stories on him and a whole list of names my parents called me.


Hi Jay
Its nice to meet you friend, I am so sorry that this is happening to you.
This sounds and is truly horrible and should not be you are right by using the word bully, this is bullying and bullying is wrong by anyone including and especially by family and those who are supposed to love and respect us.
I want you to know first of all how amazing you are, how brave you are and how special you are, you are an incredible unique and smart individual who knows that treating people badly is wrong and is bave enough to come and share that. Have you got anyone at home, a friends Mum or a teacher that you could talk to about how you are feeling?
I also would encourage you to reach out to Authorities if this gets any further out of hand.

You do not deserve this Jay and this should not continue. You are worth so much more.
please post as often as you need. You are so valuable and so loved.
Lisalovesfeathers :green_heart:


Lisa is right about talking to a counselor, or if necessary, dial 211, and explain your situation. You are being physically and emotionally abused in your own home. That’s both wrong and against the law. If your parents are letting your brother get away with the way he’s treating you, what they’re doing is very wrong as well.

I’m glad you came and shared your feelings with us. You definitely need someone with whom you can discuss your situation.


From: I Am Reclaimer

Hey friend! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this stuff. It sounds like a lot. I know that when I was growing up with my brother we would always fight as well, but it seems like your situation is pretty rough with your brother. Is there a way to create space between you and him for the time being? I mean, do you have a friend you could go hang out with after school or is there a way you could talk with you mother about how you feel? I know that might not seem like an option considering what she said to you, but your happiness matters. I hope that you have a better time with your brother and that you find happiness with what you do and who you are.

From: basicmitch818

I am so sorry that you are struggling with your family. It sounds really rough. Just know that you have a family with us, here. We are always here to support you no matter what. You are loved. You are strong. And you got this.

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