My cat is my emotional support

My cat is my absolute everything and i love her so much. She’s gotten me through so many hardships and is one of my reasons to keep going. But she’s getting old. And just thinking about how one day she won’t be with me anymore, has me tearing up immediately and crying like there’s no tomorrow.


I totally understand!! My angel cakes of a dog was the same for me, and when he passed, it was heartbreaking. It took what felt like forever for my grief to subside, but I ended up okay.

I understand your worry. I really do. But I still will say try not to worry about it too much. Death is natural and bound to happen. All you can do is cherish the memories you have with your cat, and try to make more.


My dog is 6. He has a long life ahead of him. I get teary-eyed when I think about the time he won’t be there for me anymore, God willing in 7 years or more. When that happens, I stop, then go find him and pet and cuddle with him and enjoy the special moment. That’s what it’s all about, the special moments.

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My cat and snake are my world even if the snake would rather I just left him alone besides to feed him my cat is my world he’s what keeps me going some days he’s what gets me out of bed with his meows of MOM! I want food I am hungry I’m gonna miss them when he’s gone and it’s gonna hurt alot but I know I’ll always have the memories of them just like I do all my other cats I miss them all and I always wonder if they would of all. Of gotten along together or not but I choose to think they would of cuz they know how much they all meant to me even if Im not a perfect person I can look over at my cat buddy and he will do his little roll over onto his back for belly rubs and meow showing that he loves me no matter what


I’m glad you have a lil bud to help you with life :blush:
Losing a loved one can be very tough, but remember that as long as she’s alive that doesn’t matter. Just make the best memories when you can :heart:

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