My childhood was pretty much the worst part of my life (but at least I managed to get help and still am)

My early life was a very very rocky one, the worst part of it was how I was brought up, my grandmother and uncle are to blame (I wouldn’t even call it rocky), my grandmother would treat me like a highly contagious disease, what I mean by that is… Well she would lock me in my room for all of my time awake (as well as asleep) and would never (and I do quite literally mean never) let me socialize with my friends outside of school and overall treat me like absolute trash. But she was all mentally abusive towards me, my uncle was mostly (if not all) physical towards me, and I mean if I talked to him in a wrong way he would bash me a few times, he just did not give a single damn about me! And yet he had the balls and courage to say that he loved me?! And that he would do anything for me?! After everything he’s done, I don’t regret to say he was full of shit, to the brim of the toilet bowl, but in late August of 2018 I decided that I wasn’t going to put up with them anymore, so I packed some stuff and ran away to a friend I knew I trusted my life with (trust me, she’s a right bell end but she’s nice when she needs to be) and went to the police about the whole thing, made a complaint, and a few months later justice was served, the sick assholes are never to be near me again, and I’m now living with said friend, and I am faithful towards her, I am seeing a councilor and overall life is beginning to turn around for me. If you are someone who is in a very abusive family (or abusive at all), go to an anquaintance that you know you can trust, someone you know who understands what you are going through and wants to help and get them to help you through, I mean I shouldn’t have ran away but honestly, if I didn’t I wouldn’t end up where I am now but if a nervous wreck like me can get help then I bet you will too.

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I’m glad things are better now for you my friend. And thanks for the advice, I’m sure others here could use it. Hold Fast! :slight_smile: