My Community Needs Help

Hey all,

I’m 20 years old, going to college, and living in a college town. Within the past few weeks, the paramedics have shown up on campus several (I think 3 or 4) times in about the last 2 weeks. I just recently got an email from the dean saying that yet another student has passed away - at least the second person this semester. I don’t know why it seems my community has been plagued with health issues and, as a mostly secular person, I don’t really ask for prayers, but I feel like there’s nothing I can do. It hurts to sit and watch peers and friends suffer and pass away. Please send my community your strength, thoughts, and any other kind of well wishes. This is getting to be too much.

with love,


Hey there Sophic! I will definitely be praying for your community and for you to be strong! I know loss is difficult, but you all can get through it! I’m proud of you for reaching out and trying to get strength. Just know that you can help those who are hurting the most by being there for them. You look like the type of person that brightens up a room! So don’t stress and I know that you and your community can get through the tough times! Keep fighting the good fight! :sparkling_heart:

sophic i am praying right now and i hope we can talk sometime about some solutions or preventions to the problems where you are at.

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I’m so sorry for the health issues and struggles that seem to be going on in your community. I hope for you that you are able to find good health and happiness wherever you go. Much love to you.

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