My dad died 24 years ago by suicide it still feels

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My dad died 24 years ago by suicide. It still feels like it wasn’t that long ago. I struggle with anxiety and self worth. Music really helps me deal with things more than talking to people.

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Hey my friend. I really appreciate you opening up about something like this.

It sounds like a heavy weight to bear, losing your father. I imagine that had to be a confusing time, a painful time. A tumult of hard emotions with no clear or easy way to handle them. I’m not sure anyone is ever really equipped for that. I don’t blame you for a bit.

Do you isolate yourself at all? You mention that music helps you deal with things more than talking with people, which is what lead me to the question.

I absolutely agree that music is a huge tool. When I was at my lowest points in life, when I thought nobody would understand, or perhaps - when I thought i didnt deserve compassion and empathy, I went to music a lot. Music was a way for me to unlock myself a bit, to let it out. Like, i would have all of these thoughts about my emotions, about myself, about my life. But i didnt really feel them until I listened to music. Then the water works would start?

Do you resonate with that at all?

I’m sorry you’re struggling with this heaviness my friend. But I am glad you spoke up and said something. Even just briefly, your story allowed me to reconnect with my own past a bit and feel a little less alone.

Just as you are not alone. Hold fast, ok?