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My Dwarf Planet Challenge!


Hello everyone. Once again, it has been awhile since I was on this community. So I am reading Dwarf Planet, and I love the book so far. However, I am not done. I cannot continue without doing this challenge: I need to share my reasons why I got depressed. There are a lot reasons why I got depressed such as my ex-friends stop talking to me because they end up doing other things and they forgot about me, college was my life and it is no longer a part of my life anymore, I am not loving myself because the sins I committed, my family members lashed their anger on me because that it is the only thing they can do, and I am afraid of betrayals. I worry too much. I was wondering if you can help me? Thank you HeartSupport for your love, help, encouragements, care, and compassion. :relieved:


It takes a lot of bravery to share one’s fears and worries. You are amazing, keep on it, we are here with you!


Hello @AVJR

I think i might have to check this book out. It take courage to talk about this kind of stuff. Unfortunately i can not help you by just saying one thing i will say some days will be better then others but you have to take it day by day and we care about you and you matter so keep fight


Hey @AVJR - Thank you for sharing what you’ve been learning from reading Dwarf Planet! I’m excited to start this book once I finish the one I’m currently going through (“The Return” by Lacey Sturm - which I also highly recommend). Keep us updated! :slight_smile:


@audiochm @Steelcurtain @Eric

Thank you! :grin: