My ex friend block me on Instagram

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My ex friend block me on Instagram, I can’t let her go, even thou I should have. My my reason mind is at world with my incel mind. I’m fucking hurt that she block me, but I would have done the same thing. She did said she was sorry for being a shitty friend. I want to believe her, but I get paranoid that is a lie. I don’t fucking know man, after years of therapy, women still hate me. I still hate myself, I can’t control these emotions and fuck up thoughts.

I can’t believe I got to this point where my best friend had block me. That never happen to me before. I did not respect her boundaries.

But still can’t let her go, I’m still obsessed with her. I need fucking help with this shit. I hate the person I have become. Because those fucking asshole friend that told that she use me. Because my co worker to hook up with her even when she had a boyfriend. My parent wanted to her break up with her boyfriend and date me. I wish told that had feelings for her, now I lost my best friend.

I think about killing myself, or hurt her. I hate this person that I am, just fucking freak and loser.


I’m sorry, it must hurt to be blocked.

You’re making progress, you now know that those people were wrong to encourage you to pursue her, that they were wrong to want her to break up with her bf. You are now able to identify that you didn’t respect her boundaries.

You are not a freak or a loser. You’re here, always trying to cope and navigate this. Your emotions are very intense, and it’s HARD to fight against that.
Keep working with your therapist, it is hard work, but this can get better for you. It will lessen as the time goes by.

You deserve to be alive and to be here. You deserve happiness and peace too.

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Hi, and welcome to HeartSupport. You are neither a freak nor a loser; you are courageous for admitting something is wrong and looking for an answer.

I’m sorry to hear that what has happened recently has resulted in this person blocking you. From what you have said, it sounds like you know this was because you didn’t respect their boundaries. It is optimistic that you can realise this.

It sounds like you experience very intense emotions. I relate to this. Working through these emotions and how to deal with them successfully is essential. A good therapist can help you deal with these intense feelings and, over time how, get them into perspective so that the intensity is much reduced.

Please also talk to them about the suicidal thoughts that you have been having. You mustn’t try and deal with that on your own.

Please remember that you matter.

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I don’t think you are a freak, or a loser. I think that you felt a strong emotional attachment to another and that it was severed. Love and heart break HURT.

The emotions, and the resulting thoughts, are okay to be felt. Regardless of how bad or good they are. What you do with these emotions, and where you channel them.<- This stuff is important. It can take awhile to learn to navigate emotions, and find healthy channels for the negative ones. It is very hard.

Sharing here is a healthy channel! So thank you for that.

Hold strong, the pain as unbearable as it can be. Does have another side.


I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Dealing with the loss of a friendship is so hard. You are not wrong for feeling hurt by that loss. I really like that you’re aware of your feelings, emotions and anger toward the situation. That’s so important to be able to recognize those things. This can help to keep the situation from getting worse. Please know that you matter. You are incredibly valued and cared for by this community.


Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing and coming back to us.
heartbreaks and feelings are always hard to handle for ourselves, hard to manage and stay aware. when the heart
takes over, our mind is off, it is always like that.
you have come a long way, you have done so many great things over the course of your last months.
what sometimes can help, what helped me after a breakup in the past, that i reminded myself, when feelings are not
replied from the other person, be grateful for knowing that, because then no time is wasted one sided.
it is always easier said then done. from experience with heart even more.
you are not a freak, you are human for having feelings. you are not a loser, you are human my friend, you have feelings, you are aware of how you feel. you are not alone in this.
when it comes to love, no one of us would ever think straight. we all would dive head first into a wall of stones to be with the person we love. that is what makes us human, that is what makes love the strongest force that exists.
give the love that you can give to others, to a person who deserves it, to someone who will love you. you are
beautiful the way you are. you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart: :face_in_clouds: feel hugged


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for posting, its good to be able to respond to a post of yours as its nice to be able to tell you that firstly you are loved. Secondly reading how hard you are on yourself is very sad, you have been through such a tough time with the ex friend, It hurts so much to be blocked from someone you care for as youa have no say but maybe that is the time to make that break so that you can find some peace at last. You deserve to have that peace in you mind and body. You are not a bad person for having bad thoughts, everyone has bad thoughts sometimes and thats ok, its when you act on bad things that determine the kind of people we are. You are a good person who has been hurt and is angry and upset which are two normal emotions to have but at some point they will fade and new things will begin for you. Please keep leaning on us whilst you need us. Lisa. x

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From: Mamadien

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been blocked now on IG by this person. That sounds incredibly painful and it does make dealing with your feelings about her harder. The pain of a lost relationship and the rejection sucks. It cuts deep and your feelings about it don’t make you a bad person. They make you someone who is still hurt. I know that you have been doing the hard work of therapy and I see progress, even though it doesn’t feel like it for you. You are talking much more about your awareness of how you feel and your wanting to change how you are handling things. That’s big in the progress department. I hear that it doesn’t feel that way and you are still down on yourself about how this is still affecting you but you are not a freak or a loser. I’m glad that you posted in a way that lets us tell you how important you really are here. Thank you for letting us in Metalskater. You are loved here and you matter.