My exfriend is ignoring me and is making me so sad

I had a friend in university with I had so many down moment with her and we have tried to be on good term and to be friends again. But recently she doesnt speak to me anymore and she treat me like I am invisible and If like I doesnt exist. I know that I deserve to be treated like that(I have done so many mistakes and I know that I had hurt her) and if would be for the best if we dont talk to each other again(especially for her, because she look happier now that she dont talk to me and I dont want to bother her.)but it really hurt.

Sorry If I create so many topic.

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It bummer when friendships end, I try to reach to old friend from work and she never responded to me. To be fair I did shitty things to hurt and I got impulse wrote back in immature way.

However, there only so much we can do, we can’t control other people actions or how they treat us. We just have to do our best to be good people.


Unfortunately, things don’t always go or way or work out the way we want to. I’ve had friendships and relationships that I wished would turn out differently.
The best thing here is to respect her choice to not communicate with you. It sounds like you know that it is for the best, and even though it’s not ideal, maybe it is for the best.

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That true, I wish I was a better person when I had that friend, now I am trying hard to change me for the better but I wished I was a better person in the past. Now I only hope that if another person came to my life to treat that person the best I can and for that ex-friend I wish her the best. Thanks for answering :hugs:

Yeah, at the moment it make me really sad but maybe in the future I will see that this was for the best for me and for her. I only wish her the best at all and maybe if one day she want to talk again(I dont think so) I will be there. Thanks for answering :hugs:

Hi @Maisnow,

Unfortunately, you can’t force her to talk to you if she isn’t willing to do that. It is hard when someone who matters to you is ignoring you. I’m sorry friend. Even if you made some mistakes, your feelings are entirely valid. And your replies here shows how much you care, that you want to do your best not to repeat the same mistakes. It is a deep mark of humility.

Despite this situation, I really wish that things will get better for both of you.

Take care. :heart:

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Thanks really for your answer, sadly I know that things wont get better between us and she seem more happier now and I am glad for her. And this is life, people come and go, but I wished that this friendship would had stayed. Thanks a lot :heavy_heart_exclamation:. I really hope that one day I can be really be the person I want to become and to not make the same mistakes.

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Hey Mais,

I know this feeling very well and have shared a bit of my story that hopefully helps you to start your healing process

We love and appreciate you


Thanks for answering, In really I need some time for me to recover, because even after all I really liked that person as a friend. I really hope that one day I will have friends that things wont go wrong with them❤ Thanks a lot🤗 I hope that you have a nice day.