My feelings are constantly invalidated

I feel like crying but I don’t want to as the would make me seem dramatic to those around me. I’m just sick of people always doing my biggest pet peeve and my lack of ability of setting the boundaries for it. I always get left on delivered by my friends for hours or days at a time even though it says they were active on social media 15 minutes ago. I just don’t get it. Like you message me first out of the blue and I answer right away then you keep the conversation going then it just gets drier even though you kept the convo going and then I answer your last text thinking the conversation isn’t over then I get left on delivered for days when it says active x minutes ago. Like did you decide I’m not worth your time and just delete all messages. Anyway I’m mad at myself for being bothered by this bc it seems like a non issue but it’s just the fact that everyone does this and I throw in sarcastic comments for them to get a hint. And besides who am I to think he owes me a text or acknowledging it when we’re not even friends he just had one question and I followed up with more questions. Ugh I’m pathetic. Im also partly mad at myself bc I’m invalidating my own feelings as they always have been by my family and friends my whole life so I’m starting to think “is it all in my head” “do I deserve to get my feelings acknowledged and supported or am I just being overly sensitive over stupid things” “am I not worthy of this” Side note : it’s also hard to validate my feelings myself because my whole life I’ve always been told it’s wrong or too dramatic to feel what I feel based on the situation.
Other side note : the second part I was talking about a guy who I’ve never spoken to but he asked me if I could give him a ride to school cuz his mom didn’t want to drive him because of work, nor letting him take the school bus during covid but the government made it mandatory to go to school in person where I live. And my follow up questions were based on the ap classes we both take.

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Your feelings are valid. It sounds like there is a lot of confusion there, and sometimes that’s one of the hardest feelings to deal with, in my opinion. It’s also valid to feel the way you do with your friends not communicating with you.

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