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My first therapy session

So this is kind of an update from my last post, but I had my first therapy session today. It was okay, but not really what I expected and I’m not sure what to expect for future sessions. It was just an introductory sessions, so I filled out some forms and chatted a bit to her but didn’t get on to anything major, like Callum. I’m not sure if I like the therapist tho, she seems a bit strange. She took a lot of jokes I made really seriously and made it kinda awkward and also told me about how she cried when she got a sand box? She asked me to bring in my art and fursuits next session, which I don’t really understand why but I’m kinda excited to do because I usually get pretty positive reactions from them - my textiles teacher adores my fursuits and she actually lets me do them as my work instead of the set projects : ) soo yeah just a bit of an update, I think I might do this for every session, otherwise I think I’ll probably forget them quite quickly

@Sita sorry for the tag and please let me know if you don’t want to be tagged, but I thought you might wanna see the update friend :]


I’m really happy for you. The first couple of sessions can be awkward but once you get past that it’s really rewarding. I’m really happy you’ll get to show her your stuff that sounds really cool


yay first session is in the bag! :smiley:
So glad you went to it, and it sounds like it wasn’t quite as bad as you thought, even if it was still a bit new and weird.

Thanks for tagging me, friend! Always feel free to tag me, I’m totally good with that.
Hoping the future sessions keep on being enlightening and of course, you can update us as much as you are comfortable with.

Also, how are you feeling now? Hope that you have a great weekend ahead!

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Thank you so much!! <3

Thank you! And yeah no it wasn’t as bad as I thought but it was still pretty strange :sob::raised_back_of_hand:

And okay!! I’ll definitely make sure to keep tagging you friend, thank you for supporting :] I think I’m gonna keep updating, the community on here is so nice and understanding-

Thank you sm!! I’m feeling pretty good, had a super productive day!! But I have an English test Monday that I am not looking forward too : ( Especially atm cuz I’m having to see a physiotherapist for my wrist so writing (especially loads) is Not Fun rn :sob:

How’s your weekend been so far? I hope you’re doing good friend!

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all good here, busy with work, so if you don’t see me for a few days, i’m on here then off again every couple of days. Will reply once I get back to internet connection hehe!

So glad you had a productive day! Hope the English test goes well, and that your wrist improves too!

You keep well, we’re here for ya! :slight_smile: You also enjoy the rest of your weekend friend!

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Well done for your first session. That’s a giant step!

The first contact/meeting can be very awkward as both the therapist and you are kind of testing the waters in order to learn to know each other. It will get better after a few sessions on that matter. After the first impression someone leaves, you learn to know them better, which will give you the opportunity to determine if she’s a right fit for you or not.

I bet sharing your art is going to be an interesting way to communicate for both of you. I’m really glad she asked you to bring it as it is a huge part of your life and who you are.

Wishing you well for the future. Keep it up, @anon2294543. This a positive and healing journey that you are initiating there. :hrtlegolove:

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Okay understandable! Hope work’s going well for you! I’ve been super drained lately from school so I haven’t been on much lmao

I haven’t gotten the results yet but I think it went okay! It wasn’t as hard as I was expecting

And tysm!! I hope you had a good weekend and this one coming is good for you too friend!

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Tysm! It is reassuring to hear cuz I wasn’t too sure what to really expect :sob:

I hope so :skull: I get we need to connect but bringing all my stuff in kinda feels like wasting a professional’s time- idk I just hope it’s worth it

Thank you <3 I really appreciate that and I hope you’re doing well !

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I hope so :skull: I get we need to connect but bringing all my stuff in kinda feels like wasting a professional’s time- idk I just hope it’s worth it

It is understandablee to have this fear, especially if all of this is new to you. However, if there is a space when you can’t waste the person’s time, it’s in the office of a therapist/during a meeting with a professional. For a very simple reason: they are providing their services. They’ve spent X years studying and getting trained in order to intentionally give their time to people and use their skills to serve them. There is an implicit contract at play there, and each of you agreed on dedicating this time to you and figuring out how to help you progress in any given area of your life. As a matter of time, what will matter through your sessions will be to determine if you are wasting your time with them specifically or not. But again, time will tell, and it’s important to remain open minded in the meantime.

You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank you!

Hope you can have a fun and relaxing weekend too!

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