My friend was not there for me

My grandma pass away, there where alot people and my 4 closest that came to support and im forwever greatful for them. Selfish speaking one my firend that all I want for her to just respond and say “im sorry for your lost” but she never response. I would give do anything for this girl and she never appericate me and just use me when she need me. She cause me so much mental damage and she never a shit. If I was to die, I feel she not even care. She the reason why I have doubt about myself. All want for her to appericate or too see as a human being. It was hard day for me and she does not give a shit about me. I dont know if own firendship was a lie.


Hey @Metalskater1990, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure it was very difficult on your family and that your grandmother was very dear to you. I’m glad that you had friends and family to support you, but I’m sorry this one person doesn’t seem to care. I think you should focus on those who ARE there for you, they’re the ones that matter. If this person is causing you so much grief, maybe you shouldn’t even be wasting your time on this person honestly.

Sending healing vibes to you and your family, hold fast friend.


My condolences for your loss may your grandma rest in peace and be with God. As far as your friend is concerned if she didn’t support you or offered you emotional support then she isn’t a real friend and I would cut her off if I were you but its just an opinion.

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