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My friends don't care about me anymore

So these past weeks I feel like my friends or family don’t care about me anymore I tried to msg them and sometimes they reply but with cold responses they didn’t used to do that before and I feel like I’m bothering them. They don’t check on me anymore, ask me how I’m feeling I think they’re bored of me and to be honest I’m bored of myself too I don’t blame them.

I just want to talk to them like I used to before, but they’re tired of me.

I hate this.

We’re your friends and we care @mrpotato! :slight_smile: I’m sure your other friends/family care as well; sometimes I also get caught up in reading too much into texts. Could be anything, really - they’re busy, they’re also going through a rough time, etc. It also couldn’t hurt to maybe ask them if everything is okay. I actually texted this to my mom a few days ago, because she seemed a little off. Alas, it has nothing to do with me - she was just battling a bad cold. Keep us updated!

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Hey @mrpotato :heart: Thank you for sharing with us!

I think that @Eric makes such a good point: So much could be happening in their lives right now to affect how they’re responding to you. It’s hard not to feel like it must be something you’ve done or said, I’m definitely very guilty of this, but it helps so much to try to push those thoughts away when they come. I’m sure that they love you and that they care, even if right now they’re not showing it very well.

When I’m in this kind of space what helps me so, so much is seeing any of my friends or family in person - usually it washes those feelings of doubt away very quickly. Could you hang out with someone close to you? :slight_smile:

In the meantime I’m here, and we’re all here, if you want to talk about anything at all. :heart: I hope you’re doing okay, friend. Much love.

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