My girlfriend cheats on me and neglects me and our son

I want to kill myself, I can’t because I cannot leave my one year old son to fend for himself in this world. The mother of my child is a drug addict and a sex addict and cheats on me and lies about every aspect of her life. In this day and age, the mother always wins custody, I cannot leave her or I lose my son. My only choice is to stay with her and deal with being physically and emotionally abused or kill my son and myself simultaneously so neither of us have to live in this situation. My girlfriend is a meth addict and her family is also addicted to meth. Her brother and father have been to jail for dealing meth and I believe she is still on meth. My girlfriends ex boyfriend is a meth dealer and her brother and father are currently meth dealers that were just released from jail. I have been looking through her phone and I found nude pictures she sent to a guy she works with that is addicted to pain killers, meth, and cocaine. She has spent the night with him on many occasions over the past few months and left me and our son at home alone with no milk and food for days at a time. I am lost I am alone and I am depressed. I want the best for my son however I do not see the light at the end of this tunnel. At this point I believe the only release will be taking my son’s life and my own life. I need help and I have no one. I hope someone reaches out before we become a product of our environment. I wish I could run away with my son but I have no where to go I do not know who to turn to.

Hey dude,

First off thank you for sharing this.

Next I really want you to know that your son does not need to suffer and have his life be ended so soon because of the wrong doings of his mother; YOU do not need to die because of the wrong doings of your wife.

My advice to you is to seek legal action- with the proof they WILL NOT make your child stay in the care of his mother.

I think it is best to seek legal action immediately- to call the police or seek residence in a safe place away from the child’s mother where neither of you have to worry about being harmed.

Please keep fighting and please stay safe- contact authorities, find a safe place for you and your child.

There ARE public resources that can truly help.

We believe in you.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

Hey man.

First of all, youre not lost. There is still hope. I know you dont want to kill yourself and especially dont want to kill your son, it just seems like the best option in your world where there doesnt seem to be any hope.

Lys is right. You dont have to have it all figured out, just call the police and explain what youre thinking and that you need help. They can point you to resources and help make sure youre ina place thats safe.

You are worth doing this for. Things CAN get better.

Having been next door to someone who took his life and the lives of his two little girls for similar reasons, I can say it never ever stops hurting. We wish he would have made the call like you have the chance to do now.

We arent ashamed of you, we want the best for you. Make the call. Please.

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Hey @Deathcancer,

Thank you for sharing this. This is hard and I’ll be honest when I say I don’t know exactly what to say.
I will say that your life and your sons are extremely valuable. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this.

I hope you see how much you are loved and needed in this world.

Hold Fast,

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