My gran passed last may this song is something i p

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My Gran Passed last May, This song is something i pretty much listen to everyday since the day she passed. Its the Rawness described perfectly.
“I don’t want to get back up, but i have to so it might as well be today” is how i feel every single day but you keep pushing because nothing stops going.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I think grief is something we can all relate to; it is raw and can feel unrelenting. There will be a time though when you can look back at your gran’s life and remember all the love and joy she brought to your life. It’s probably silly, but whenever I think of grief, I remember this quote from Doctor Who about how different times are just like different places. Our memories still exist, just elsewhere. x

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Hi there Friend,

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your Gran last May. Having lost my great grandma in February, I know exactly the pain you are feeling. Loosing someone we love, especially a grandparent can leave a life-altering mark on our lives. It’s evident that her absence has affected you in many ways, but it’s good that you’ve found comfort and relief in music. The Slipkmot song you mentioned, speaks volumes about the depths and rawness of your grief. It’s clear the song resonates with you on a profound level. Music has a way of expressing and capturing the complicated minefield of human emotions, sometimes better than our words ever could. This is exactly what Slipknot’s song seems to have done for you.

The line you mentioned, “I don’t want to get back up, but I have to so it might as well be today,” speaks truthly to the feeling of being paralysed by sadness when it comes to grief. It also speaks to the great effort takes to keep moving forward each day, even when sometimes you really don’t want to. Despite the overwhelming desire to stay in bed and hide from the world, you find the strength within yourself to keep pushing forward, even when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Grief is a hard journey. You’ll have days where you feel amazing, days where you can’t seem to stop the racing thoughts and overwhelming emotions, days where you feel physically and mentally exhausted and days where you simply feel lost, and that you cannot continue. The most important thing is, you are not alone, and there are so many people out there who could help you. Your loved ones are the best people to lean on right now, or there is professional support available too. Healing is a slow and steady process, so patience is needed. You’ll get there!

Hold on to those cherished memories with your Gran, they are what will separate the light from the darkness in the toughest stages of grief. Remember her smile and her humour, for that’s what matters most.

Brighter days are coming :orange_heart:

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Hi Friend, firstly I am very sorry for your loss. There is no easy way to grieve for someone you love and has passed and that feeling life having changed so much in a moment and you cannot do anything about it pushes us all to the extremes of our emotions. I lost my grandma a long time ago and it broke my heart, I adored her and the way I describe getting through grief was that for the longest time, every time I thought about her I broke down, I never thought I would stop crying and then one day I thought of her and smiled and I knew that it was ok, not that I no longer was grieving but that, the darkness had passed and she was still with me, is still with me, in my heart in my mind and in my memories. I feel blessed to have had her. It takes time to get there but it will happen. Lean on the people you love and share your grief. x