My life ends this year im done

No one gives a fuck if i die because everyone leaves me either way even all those who promised im done i want to die

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Hey friend,

I can guarantee there are plenty of people in this world who care about you. I know for a that there are plenty of people here that care.

You’re love friend, Hold Fast.


Nobodygives a shit about me, everyone i ever loved left me and some of them are here

I’m so sorry you’re struggling and that you’re not being treated right. If you’re not a part of our discord please come and join the community there and get some support - we can talk to you about what’s making you feel like people in the community are hurting you too

Hold fast

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I tried ranting there and guess what :)) Danjo banned me because i keep talking bout my suicidal fucking problems so its futile + the girl who broke my heart and made me write this post is part of the discord :))


Talk about what’s going on. Just let it out. Right here right now.

Talk to you later.

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I’m so sorry you are at your breaking point. It must be so hard dealing with especially feeling alone. I don’t know the ins and outs of this situaion but what I do know is that there are people here that sincerely care about you, including myself. Trust me, in me saying this, I am extending out my hand to you for someone to have a listening ear with and to confide in. I will make myself available to connect with you through here, email, text, or a phone call, that is how serious I am in letting you know I care. Hold fast and continue to fight for hope, we are here for you!


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There is nobody who cares about me here, everyone is a fucking traitor.

Right now I’ll try to bite my tounge because I know you are only this angry right now because your struggling.

First off: i tried to help. A lot of people tried to help. We can’t hold your hand through everything- there’s a point where you as well have to reach out for help.

Second: people told you OVER and OVER that you had to reach out to the community- which at times you did yes. Many including I also stated that we could not help you at the time due to our own struggles and therefore you had to reach out to the community.

MANY times you messaged stating oh we’re going to kill yourself therefore sending I as well as many others who came into contact with these messages into a sense of panic. This happened very frequently and when trying to get you to keep holding on you would not listen. Therefore making it even more stressful for the person trying to help.

That doesn’t make you a burden. No one is a burden. In this area- no one is a burden. Alright? Ok.

Third: when you did post in the community it was just like the private messages. It was stating you were going to kill yourself and no one could stop you. And it was constant fighting back and forth between those people trying to help you.

All in all it’s really freaking stressful. You CAN NOT expect people to be able to handle that as much as those instances occurred over a large period of time, or even a short period of time. That’s not how humans work. We are NOT professionals. WE ARE NOT available 24/7. Those two things are things that will 95% chance never be possible.

Recently I have blocked 3 people from messaging me personally becasue man I can’t freaking do it.

WE have our own struggles. WE have to take care of ourselves as well.

Raven what I see is you hold a lot of hate. Its something you PERSONALLY have to work on.

We are NOT traitors for needing to take care of ourselves.

I am NOT going to tolerate this from ANYONE. Think a little deeper.

If you want to be heard, I suggest you calm down and type out what’s really on your mind. Not just the in the moment of anger thoughts.

What’s really going on. What has really happened.

You have to take steps too.

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