My life is a waste and All I do is contribute to climate change

I’m just a loser and no one will miss me after I’m gone… I mean, you guys don’t even know me in real life so like… there’s really no point at all you know? I’m tired of begging for attention and trying to get people to care and I’m tired of being a loser and feeling shitty even durign a positive interaction with someone. What is wrong with me? This world would be better off without me…I’m just wasting space and contributing to more climate change…
I want to die… I thought about maybe doing it tonight cos nobody would know til Monday but… I don’t know if I have the guts to do it… I really just want to jump off a bridge right now…
I just want to cut my wrists and feel the blood pour out…

Fuck me fuck my life fuck me I’m such a fucking loser god why won’t someone just shoot me already goddang it. I’m such a fucking loser god what is wrong with me…
That is all thanks for coming to my ted talk.


The answer is the misperception in the question. You aren’t a loser. I’m sorry you feel that way, but you’re human just like the rest of us. That means sometimes, or maybe a lot of times, you feel like shit. Star athletes feel like shit sometimes, or more often than that.

What’s wrong with you is that you’re too hard on yourself. You have a terrible reputation with yourself, and you’re feeling it. You’ve been making yourself feel shitty. Although it’s the perfect time for friends and family to be supportive, it’s common for them to be uncomfortable around a person who feels shitty. Having experienced this, maybe the next time you encounter someone who’s feeling shitty, you’ll hang around for a while and help them feel less alone.

Yes, you have a carbon footprint, but because you’re aware of it, maybe you can influence others to have a smaller one.

If you encountered a person who was feeling like you are now, what would you say to him? I suspect you’d try to help him feel better. Talk to yourself as you would someone who’s suffering and needs encouragement.

Environmentally conscious people like you are a gift to the planet. I’m pretty sure you’ve already made a positive difference, and will keep doing it.

Stay in touch. I’d like to know how you’re doing.


Hi Max,

I’m curious why do you think that you are a loser? and what have to do with climate change?. Sometimes I also feel like a looser and then I just think in the people that loves me… there are not so much people, I guess my two kids… think about it I’m pretty sure you find someone that cares about you…


Hi my Friend,
what make you think of what you mentioned ? what made you feel that way ?
your family and friends will miss you, we will miss you. the world would not be same without you.
because you are worth it being here, you deserve that. give life a try.
reach out to a therapist, or a self help group, they will help you. is this something that you considered ?
here are also our crisis resources. look through them for the help you may want.

my toughts are with you Max, stay strong, you matter and you are worth it,
feel hugged and loved,

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Hi Max, It sounds like you are a sensitive person. I am too. Have you ever talked to a therapist? I just started seeing one and it’s been helpful for me. I know in another post you said you had depression, so perhaps meds or some coping skills would benefit you. If you are feeling unsafe please reach out and get some IRL help. You do matter and believe it or not, you would be missed if you were not here. You matter ~Mystrose

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for being brave enough to share this. Firstly please allow me to let you know that even though we do not know you in real life you matter a great deal to me an I know to the others who read your post and respond to it, every person that takes time to read about your thoughts and fears cares about you and each one will also tell you that your life is precious . I agree you should not have to beg for attention, you should be able to recieve the love and attention you need just by being you as you are, we all should and in an ideal world that would happen but sadly sometimes people get busy with life and problems and sometimes forget to show enough love and attention to others that may need it a little more, but that is not a personal thing its just the way of the world and it certainly does not mean that if you were not here they wouldnt miss you.I am more than certain these people would be devastated and broken to lose you. This world would not be better off without you, this world is better off because you came into it, your existance has made this world brighter its just that right now you are feeling in a dark space and you need some help with that. There are many places to get that help, starting with a crisis line, your gp, or a therapist, please find or phone anyone that can help you. You still have that light in you, get someone to help it keep shining. You are loved friend. xx

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Hi… It’s hard to explain why I feel like a loser… I just feel overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork that I have and feel like there’s no point in trying anymore if we all die in the end anyways…
I wanted to get a therapist but my mother hasn’t mentioned getting one in a while and I can’t get on discreetly without parental consent…
I will try this week… I will try to stay alive

Hi Max, sure we all die in the end but in between you will have love, you will have fun, you will have friends, I know is difficult to believe now but there are so much things waiting for you…

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