My life is falling apart and I can't stop it

Hey there, long time no see.
I got past my crush, he was a dick to me, and I really was sad that he rejected me but… oh well.

Situations are getting worse though. My mother is mean to me and says really awful stuff, this morning she told me I look like a slut, which hurts.

Then this girl at school that claimed to be my friend started saying that if I lost weight I would be prettier and stuff like that (I weigh 58kg). I didn’t talk to her for a while because I was sad about it, few days ago me and my different friend were talking and he said something bad about her, and I agreed. Yesterday she discovered and was mad at us for shit talking her. Now, she is talking to him and she is mad at me. She yelled at me today during Christmas assembly for being a fake bitch and stuff like that. I went to the bathrooms and cried for some time. Few people saw me crying there and just ignored me. I don’t know what to do… I didn’t see my bestfriend in a month and we talked for 9 minutes and 41 seconds in the last few weeks. My life is falling apart and I can’t stop it.


I am sorry that you’re going through this. Sometimes drama can be too much.

Keep strong.

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