My Marriage Is Ending

My wife of seven years is leaving me. I’ve been faithful, never abusive. What I did lack was good communication with her. I failed in making her feel beautiful. I failed in making her feel loved. I failed in listening to her. I failed in making her feel heard. I failed in making her feel secure. I failed in giving her the ability to put trust in me in certain areas. I love her so much. I don’t want my marriage to end. I want to be the man she needs. I only fear it’s too late. I would give anything and do anything for the chance to make it right, I’m praying that I do and have faith God has a plan. He’s bigger than this and has the power and grace to even bring back what was dead for days. It just hurts.

I can totally relate. I am now unfortunately divorced. It does hurt when you don’t realize things when you wish you would have. But it’s definitely not too late for you. It appears that her leaving you has let you see these certain things for yourself, how you feel about her and things you know you can do better at. I pray she’ll see a difference in you and know how sincere you are. I love how you finished, saying all you did about God. You can definitely trust Him. I’ll be praying for you both.

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