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My Struggle With Addiction

I am 25 years old and will soon be 26. I have struggled consistently with pornography for over 12 years now. It is something that deeply disturbs me. I am currently on track to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Apologetics by the end of this summer and continue on to get my master’s and potentially even pursue a doctorate in theology and apologetics. I know the truth of the Gospel. I consume the truth day in and day out, but still I struggle with addiction to porn. I have sought help from a Certified Sexual Addiction Counselor and have been involved in several recovery groups, but still continue to struggle. It grieves me because this is not what I was created to do. I guess I’m posting on here because I really would like support and prayer.


Hey friend,

I think it is courageous of you to reach out and talk about your struggle. I know that addiction to anything can be a challenge to come through. There is a staff member here who also had to over come addiction to porn. I’m going to share with you his story. <3

Thinking of you. <3


Hey, I will pray for you. I also want to share a video that might help you

I promise to pray for you. Keep holding on :heart:

Hey, just wanted to say thank you. Your post came on a day that I had relapsed and it meant the world that someone was praying for me amidst my struggle. In some sense, your response was the very support I needed. It touched my heart, so again, thanks.