My uncle commited suicide two days ago and i reall

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My uncle commited suicide two days ago and i really wish he had had this kind of hope…

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Hello! I’m really sorry to hear about your uncle. It’s incredibly tough to deal with the loss of someone to suicide, and it’s natural to wish that things could have been different for him. Grieving this type of loss can be especially complex and painful.

I think it’s important to allow yourself to fully experience whatever emotions come up during this time. It’s okay to feel a deep sense of loss and to have all those what-ifs on your mind. When I went through a similar experience, I found that just letting myself feel whatever I needed to feel, without judgment, was crucial.

Focusing on your own healing is important too. It might mean taking things one day at a time and finding small ways to care for yourself. When I was grieving, I tried to channel my emotions into things that felt nurturing and grounding—whether that was going for walks, writing in a journal, or just spending quiet time remembering the good times.

Sharing what you’re going through, just like you’ve done here, can be very cathartic. Talking about your feelings with people who understand or who are willing to just listen without trying to fix things can make a big difference. It certainly helped me not to bottle everything up.

Thank you for opening up about such a personal and difficult moment. If you ever feel like sharing more, know that it’s okay to reach out. I’ve found that talking in a supportive environment really helps with the healing process, and I hope you can find the same comfort.

Losing someone in this way is such a hard and deep ache. It’s so confronting and torture enduring because it leaves all these feelings of not only grief, but of guilt and of anger and hurt. Of betrayal and just no answers that can fully encompass what the hell you’re meant to do now.

I deeply empathise and feel the heart ache and pain that comes with this type of loss.

We come to a place where we take all the hurt and pain inside and accept it as the love we have felt for the one we lost. We use that love to propel us forward and to remember them for all the light they possessed

I’m so sorry for your loss, friend. There is no word that would be strong enough to describe the hurt of losing someone to suicide. It is so painful to think about how life could have been, and so easy to torture ourselves with questions made of “why” or “what if”. It is such an impossible event to undetstand internalize when it touches someone we love dearly.

Your uncle must have been such a beautiful person, and we can feel how much love you have for him. There is no doubt that he knew you loved him very much too. Even when darkness takes over, it never erases the love that is present between two people. That is a light that shines in you, and will never cease to keep on brighthing.

Sending so much hugs your way today. :heart: