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My voices have tried to take me since 2005 when I was diagnosed with MS. Now that I cannot walk without a walker and I need so much help, they tell me that I am a burden to my family. Music helps me keep those thoughts away.


Who is “they?” You deserve the help that you receive. There is really no inequality between the person who is helping and the one who needs help. In the grand scheme of things, those who need help are actually adding value to the lives of those around them. You are providing them with an opportunity to be of service and experience personal growth. They may not talk about it, but I’m pretty sure they would be heartbroken if you were to leave them.

Thank goodness that music is helpful to you. The voices have tried to take you since 2005? That means they have not succeeded in taking you for the past 17 years. That sounds like a pretty good track record! You are far more skillful now in “not being taken” than you were in the beginning.

Take care of yourself, Wings

Hi Friend,
Thank your post, your strength and courage shines through in the fact that you have remained and proven that those thoughts are just that, thoughts that are in your mind since your diagnosis, These bad thoughts try to convince us of many things that are not true and being a burden I am certain is definately not true. I am so pleased you love and use music to drown out these thoughts, that too is something I have used in the past to help with mine.
You are a powerful wonderful human and the only burden is the bad thoughts, keep listening to music not to them. Much Love Lisa.x

Thank you for sharing, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, you are not a burden, glad music can Help you move forward from any thoughts or negative energy which u dont need, is encouraging is what u need.
Continue doing good for your own health.

Good morning Warrior
Yes warrior because that is who you are. Those voices are all lies and I’m so proud of you that you are still here. Keep silencing those voices. If they say you are a burden, you sat no I am not a burden I am an inspiration to those around me. Counter all those voices with truth. Look at how you are still her inspire of your diagnosis. Look how strong you are in your heart and mind. And if you have people who care for you look at how their hearts have grown. Sometimes when we are so ill we don’t realise that our condition causes so much positive changes and growth in other peoples lives and hearts around us. It causes compassion, empathy, love, strength, selflessness and so much more. Just think of how taking care of you is causing them to become a better person. Be kind to yourself and always speak words of love into your heart. I know it’s hard but you can do this. Music is so soothing for the soul and definitely lifts our spirits. Keep listening to music and keep singing. And find other things that are healthy that lift your heart. I know you get beautiful adult colouring books and colouring apps. Maybe give it a try. It can be quite relaxing and soothing to the soul. Stay strong Warrior. You have got this.
Much love and hugs