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Need some Christian advice right now because I’m going nuts over the same thing I have been going nuts about since last summer. So basically God lead me to finish my Health Sciences degree. Before I even entered into my Bachelor’s degree I asked him if there was ANY other path he wanted me to take. Health Sciences ended up being the thing that was given to me and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. And the school I was going to, I would be done this degree in a year, which really worked out because I remember crying and praying to God that I was stressed that I didn’t want to continuously be behind in school. He really answered my prayers. I prayed once again a little while later and asked God to trace my steps, lead me to where he wanted me to. So he took me away from the path of wrestling that I had and kept me on the path of completing this degree. I finally get to my senior year with this degree and now I start feeling weird, all of this anxiety and it won’t go away. I put all this hard work into this degree and was so excited because I was so close to finally graduating. I kept getting this feeling like I should go for Psychology. Then all of a sudden it was all these different degrees that my mind felt like I had to go for. So when the semester came up, I took a Psychology course. Well guess what ended up happening? I ended up getting that same weird anxiety again and it made me feel like I should be going for a certificates instead of finishing my degree. Then all of a sudden it made me feel like I needed to go to a different college, then it turned into it trying to convince me to drop out of school. When I kept trying to finish my health science classes, i kept getting that anxiety. Like I wasn’t supposed to be doing it. So I tried to do Psychology and I lost interest. So I took off of school. I decided to go back this past semester and I took a psychology and health science course. My mind gave me so much anxiety that I almost quit. It made me feel like I should be going for a Behavioral Science degree instead. Now the only thing that doesn’t give me anxiety is Psychology. I’m so upset because I’m 4 core classes away and 2 electives away from the Health Science degree I’m currently going for. It would take me less than a year to complete, but keeps making me feel like it’s wrong. There would be 11 classes left for the Psychology degree, which would take a little over 2 years… I’ve been praying for over a year now to make the anxiety and depression go away and it’s useless. I asked God to lead me to what to do and I’ve talked to so many people and every single person I’ve talked to has said finish this Health Science degree. My parents, my therapist, my friends, everyone. My dad and mom have even prayed. But why does it feel so wrong? Why does it keep giving me this anxiety and depression? I’m just so upset and frustrated and don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve had so many setbacks with college and I just don’t want anymore. It’s making me so sad. Someone please help.

Without knowing you well, Inwould just say to continue getting closer to God and praying. To me, it sounds like you’re just having some anxiety about schoop in general and go with what you feel is the right when and stick with it to the end

Hi @alenatbow14,

Kind of lengthy - sorry!

I understand the angst you’re feeling, and let me tell you why. I majored in Supply Chain Management and received my ABA & BBA in that field. I’m slated start my MSA in general business administration in May. As it stands right now, my company will pay for it due to our tuition reimbursement. Sounds fantastic right?

Around August, I started to become extremely dissatisfied with my job. I thought about it some more and realized it was more than just my job and the toxic environment that I worked in. I realized that this is the nature of the field of study I pursued. SCM or MP&L are fast paced and chaotic by nature. I’m a materials planner and I order/schedule raw materials for us to manufacture various automotive interior products. Chances are, if you own a vehicle, there’s something we built that’s in it lol.

I started getting abnormally bad anxiety. I would wake up drenched in sweat and my BPM was usually around 120 (Started recording it). Almost like I had a panic attack in my sleep or something? Other days I’d wake up and have to use just about everything I had in me to get out of bed and get going. It felt like there was a 10 pound weight sitting on my chest when I would wake up. Other symptoms occurred but I think you probably can get an idea of the feeling.

I prayed on it and prayed on it and prayed on it. I asked God to bless me with guidance on the future and strength/perseverance in the interim. And eventually it hit me - I realized that I was put on this Earth by God to help others. So here I am, about $60k in student loan debt, getting ready to start graduate school, and looking at changing careers entirely. I would like to become a therapist or counselor of some sort. And at this point, I don’t know if I can monetarily do it, which will be a tough pill to swallow.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I can promise you that, if you continue to pray and give yourself completely to the Lord, you will be led down a path that will put you exactly where the Lord intended. Next time the anxiety creeps up, say “This is in God’s hands” out loud and repeat it every time. The repition is part of a CBT exercise known as of restructuring/reframing.

I would recommend:
– Continuing to pray (Never doubt the Lord)
– Practicing CBT exercises that work for you
– Having daily conversations with family, your therapist, and your adacemic advisor
– Reading the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Romans, & Philippians.There’s a lot of substance in those specific books of the Bible that can be applied to your situation

I will be praying for you bud. Shoot me a PM if you have questions or if you just need someone to talk to about this situation.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him; and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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