Need some advice re chronic pain and panic disorder

My name is Ray and I have severe chronic pain as a result of a serious work related injury and anxiety disorder/panic disorder. I have constant pain in my shoulders, chest, back, legs and ankles which can be manageable sometimes but unbearable at times to the point where I feel like I cant breathe or get up or speak and it’s super humiliating and painful. Unfortunately my anxiety makes it even worse. Currently I use a codeine-paracetamol blend drug for when it gets super bad but I’ve started to get to the point where it’s not quite touching how severe it can get, but I cannot go to my classes at school if they put me on anything stronger. I was on diazepam for about a week but that was a really really bad experience.
My girlfriend and I were looking into the effects of CBD on chronic pain and anxiety and we are thinking of making the trip to a store here in the UK that specialises specifically in vaping CBD oil - if it works out, I can stop taking the drugs I’m on, which also means I can drink alcohol and I dont have to worry about being too tired to drive. Has anyone here vaped CBD or used other CBD products for anxiety or chronic pain because I’m struggling to find peoples actual experiences on it and I really really need a win. I cant keep doing this where I am paralysed by pain and spend hours recovering from really bad episodes.

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Hi @HeyitsRay,

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re dealing with chronic pain and anxiety. The fact that it increases your anxiety is relatable. I’ve been dealing with fibromyalgia for 7 years and I’m currently not the perfect definition of what “healthy” means. My back is almost always painful and there’s not much to do to ease the pain. Smooth dancing on a regular basis and essential oils helps but I couldn’t find anything else.

So it can be really hard to find something that helps to ease the pain. Diazepam is some heavy medication and I’m not surprised to hear that it was a bad experience to you and, unfortunately, it’s not a long term solution. I’m sorry I don’t have a personal experience with CBD oils. I have an ex-colleague who tried it for chronic pain, so if I have the occasion to talk to them about it I’ll let you know. But I hope you’ll get some insights from this community about it. And anyway, I wish this is gonna be helpful to you and help to ease your pain in a gentle way for your body.

Hold fast. :heart: