Needing help with overthinking

I’ve went to the doctors and it feels like that’s not help.

Hey friend!! I’m proud of you for going to the doctor! Could you tell me a little more about what’s going on?


Hey @Sircharles yeah I can understand that maybe the lack of trust or maybe you feel what you are going through is not truly being taken care of. When you go to your doctor ask more questions. Tell them as much as you can so they give you all the answers you need. I used to see a doctor every 2 weeks growing up and I learned to just say everything that was concerning me and they will help figure out what is truly wrong. Share you concern and be honest.

Being Honest will help so much.


Doctors can certainly be scary and mentally draining. I had a hard time going for a long time. And when I finally went I had to go often to try to get down to the problem. It takes time and patience that’s for sure.

I’m sorry it feels like it wasn’t helpful this time. But don’t give up hope. Keep being open and honest with them about what’s going. Ask questions and seek out second opinions.

I hope you find some resolve! :heart:

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Honestly I have no clue what’s wrong, my ex said that I looked miserable all the time. I feel like everything I’ve wanted it gone and I’ve messed up her happiness. I’m a person that hasn’t been happy in a very long time and hate who I am now because of this

Maybe some therapy would help you. Just having someone you could talk to and trust. You could do the free 7 day trial that HeartSupport offers for BetterHelp. Maybe this could be of help for you? If you go to and lick on the BetterHelp banner it’ll take you to a referral link where you can sign up. (: Unless you have access to a therapist you can see in person?

Therapy is scary because it takes time to get to now them, but it can be so healing.

Or is that what you meant by going to the doctors? I wasn’t sure which type of doctor you went to.

I just want to see you okay, my friend. You are important and valued and deserve to have what it takes to make you happy. <3

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I went to a normal doctor, unfortunately I don’t make enough to support myself and do a therapy. I keep having these episodes when I just break down and cry… I miss my family. I feel like every time try it hurts more. So I really don’t know what I can do anymore…

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I understand. I have a very limited income myself. So I can’t afford to pay for my therapists either and no longer have health insurance. So I totally understand. I was fortunate enough to have my dad willing to offer to help me pay for therapy. At least when he’s having a good season at work. He does shrimp fishing in Alaska. So some times he has a lot of money coming in and other times not much at all. So He said he was willing to help when he was doing okay.

But in the times he doesnt have enough to help, it’s tough.

Do you live very far from your family? Or do you just have a hard time connecting with them?

I’m sorry you are hurting my friend. I’m here to listen. Okay? <3

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