Needing some advice on moving on

An Insecurity about me is that I kind of tend to look at relationships as something I want to stay away from is because I’ve been in a toxic relationship once that I feel like that’s the only ones I would have. I’ve never really said it but I realized it’s something I’ve been feeling, it’s something I want to work on. I see so so many people living on their best life’s on Instagram. Like IFBB Pro athletes and wonder

“Damn, I want that lifestyle I need that to be happy…”

but in reality would I be happy? I don’t know… Social media is messing me up. I’m living life to the Max and I see so many couples. And instead of feeling happy for the couple. I feel angry. Because I want something like that. But it seems like the only thing stopping me is me.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve kind of been in the same situation and one of my closest friends always used to give me the reality check that social media is so so fake. A couple could look like they’re the happiest they’ve ever been while slowly falling apart behind the scenes. I still have that problem myself, but not in the same way that i used to.

The best advice i can give is to ignore social media couples to your best extent and maybe go talk to someone about your previous relationships, all while slowly starting to get into dating(if you’re not already doing it right now), 'cause that is the only way to find someone. And hopefully you’ll find someone that treats you right and deserves you!

You know the funny thing is I tell myself I do not want a relationship because of the way the last one was. At the end of that one it brought me to the darkest moments of my life and if I end up going through another breakup like the last one and face the same darkest moments I don’t know if I will have the strength to do it again. I say I don’t want a relationship yet I am on bumble trying to meet up with girls to cover my loneliness. It’s not working too well.

Hey friend :slightly_smiling_face: let me start by saying this. Always remember happiness is a byproduct and it usually originates from your lifestyle! Also make sure you pay attention and monitor your thoughts. Allow any negative self talk or bad thoughts to pass by. Imagine your thoughts are the code and your subconscious is the super computer that reads the code, relaying what it is that you ask for in the real world.

You mention above that your concerned that you’ll only attract toxic relationships.
Step 1: is to change what your declaring :slightly_smiling_face: declare to yourself that that is not what you wish to seek. Don’t be concerned with it, At all! The more you feed into being concerned about it the more your feeding it coming to fruition. Once you start to switch into a new mindset you’ll notice things start to change for you very quickly. Everything is a matter of perspective!

Secondly, try not to compare yourself to people, or anyone for that matter. Each one of us has a very unique path to take in life. By comparing yourself to others (and I’m not saying you specifically I’m speaking In general) you might start to envy them for their success or happiness or relationship or whatever it might be. The truth is, is not forget about how grateful for everything you have in your life and everything inside of it. Sometimes we have trouble noticing what’s right infront of us and it’s ok.

And remember It could always be worse! Gratitude is one of the major keys in obtaining abundance in your life. You may not realize it but there’s people that also wish they could be you! What I’m trying to get at here is don’t lose touch of who you are.

If you want my .2 cents, start spending more time with yourself. This helped me find myself. Working out is a great way to ease the mind, going for walks.
Here’s a quick 4 rules to obtain peace within yourself.

  1. Meditation, 2. Attitude, 3. Diet, 4. Exercise
    Just focus on yourself. Girls are nice to have but make sure you love yourself entirely before you love someone else or else you won’t be able to love anyone at all. Find peace within yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully any of what I shared with you will help :heart:

I actually do workout and you are correct. Working out and a proper diet helps people feel good. I’m happy with that area in my life for sure. I think it’s just time for a digital detox and go out and to meet new people

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