Never ending pain

I feel like I am trapped in hell. I have chronic pain that never stops, not even when I sleep. Doctors and hospitals have given up on treating me, saying they are out of options. I have no hope anymore, nothing to keep living for. I can’t handle the pain any longer.

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Hi friend - thanks so much for posting I am so sorry for the chronic pain you are going through but thank you for being open about it and posting it here. I am assuming your chronic pain is physical? While I struggle with mental pain, I do not have the burden of physical pain. I imagine there are some others here though that have experience coping with chronic physical pain.

How frustrating it must be that is sounds like the doctors have given up. Can they recommend you to any kind of support group for dealing with chronic pain? You of course are so very welcome here as we certainly understand pain and the feeling of fighting through a hopeless day, but and IRL support group might be very good as well?

Thank yo again for your post. Hold fast - you are welcome here.

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