New here from Pittsburgh


I went to warped tour yesterday in Maryland and seen this awesome wall to show off heartsupport and was instantly touched and felt a connection with all the responses people were writing on the wall based off their feelings.

It’s so hard finding people who can understand my feelings and how I have been dealing with anxiety, being a hypochondriac, and dealing with depressing over not feeling 100 % ever but when I seen the wall it made me realize there are so many other people just like me. Best of all we all share a love for music that empowers us to connect with the words we can’t say sometimes.

Unfortunately, the distractions only last so long. I’m just tired I have two kids and live a great life I just like can’t win this battle with the never ending focus of the internal pain and health issues I have been battling with. My drs tell me I am healthy thankfully but I never feel good. I never believe them. I just don’t feel good. I’m constantly dizzy, short of breath, pain whatever… I mean I have good days and bad but it’s always in the back of my head. I just want to find people to connect with that can relate to me so I don’t feel alone anymore. I want to know what is working for you

I put on such a good front hiding my true feelings. I am so happy with my family and relationship and with god but I just need ways to learn to feel healthy and stop the obsessive thinking because my body can’t handle the stress.

I want to do more concerts and yoga and powerful impactful activities in Pittsburgh with cool people! I am a happy person who wants to live the best life possible and want to help others to feel the same way! I want to make a change within myself and within all of us to fight our battles and fight to live because regardless of our struggles we are lucky to be alive!!

Thanks for listening
Rock on you are all amazing


Hello Melissa, glad you past by!
First it ia amazing to know you lovelife the way you do and how you are doing besides all the things you are struggling with.
And of course it is awesome to know you have 2 kids and are very healthy.
Hypochondriac disorder is something hard to deal with, and it’s not but other manifestation of anxiety. My advice is you to inform yourself about this, information is power and the better you get to know about it, the better you will handle it. I think you should also meditate about why are you so worried about your health. My bet is you are just willing to be a good mother, and foe that you need to be healthy and are constantly worried about anything that could prohibit you from taking care of your childs. This could be completely wrong of course, but the point is there is something, in your life that’s bringing this excessive worrying about your health, and it can be hiding in plain sight.

This is your fight, and we will beat it together, you are awesome. Keep exploring yourself and keep knowing people, the more the best. You sre doing great now and I know you will do better tomorrow.



That makes a lot of sense thanks so much!

I gotta figure it all out. With time tho


Hey @Melgib510,

Welcome to HeartSupport! I hope you find a sense of safety and refuge within this amazing community. :slight_smile:

And you’re absolutely right. Whenever I’m going through a difficult season, one of the first things that I try to remind myself is that I am not alone in this fight.

Have you done research behind GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)? I was diagnosed with this in 2012, and one of the symptoms is constant dizziness/lightheaded-ness. Your shortness of breath and generalized pain also make me wonder if it’s something relating to the physical symptoms of anxiety.

This is a great step in the right direction! Concerts and yoga will definitely boost your mood, which will hopefully help with the physical symptoms of the anxiety you might be feeling. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out!!


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