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New School Year (Start of 2nd Semester)

I don’t know, lately I’ve been feeling worse. Ever since this school year started (second semester now) I’ve felt such unbelievable dread and loneliness. I wanted to drop out before school even started. It’s really hard to talk about this to anyone and there’s only two people I even like anymore. I’ve been feeling that I don’t like any of my school friends and my family’s been causing me hell. I don’t know what to do, I feel like just staying in bed all day, never leaving the house, avoiding school altogether but that’s impossible. I don’t know what else to say but I can expect myself to come back to this site more, when no one else will listen to me vent.


hi @Hawklorn i totally understand exactly what you’re going through literally i’m in the exact same situation. But sometimes i just have to remind my self that woah i’m paying a shit ton of money for this and how proud i’ll feel if i get something done! so i just remind myself that there’s always the possibility of making new friends if i go to class!! and the school work piling up will just make you feel worse so take it one day at a time after all you made it through exam week! you got this :)) i’m proud of you!!


Sometimes it just feels like I’m drowning in it y’know? Even though I didn’t have many classes this semester, I could barely keep my head above it. I either did my assignments late, half finished them, or just didn’t do them at all and somehow got away with it. I drifted through it somehow, but now I really have to put my nose to the grindstone while feeling like the people I rely on for support don’t care about me. It’s gonna be really hard

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Are you in high school or college?

High school, I’ve taken college courses before however. I had one last semester, which meant I only had one core class. Now I’ll have two cores and two extras this new semester at just the highschool

High School is rough for sure. We all have experienced it in some way or another. The most important thing to remember is that you are pushing towards your future. Even if it seems not that bright at this moment in time it will be worth your time and efforts. Push through because you want to. Sorry to hear that your family is causing you stress about school. Just know you aren’t alone in this. You can do this!


Hi @Hawklorn,

I just started the second semester in a new high school too. It’s been very difficult for me too, with issues with family and school friends. One thing that’s helped me is remembering that it will all get better. I know it doesn’t sound true, but it’s helped me get through the day. I focus on what I need to get done and break it down, especially with school work. It’s hard and sometimes it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere, but just know that you are. Remember: you aren’t alone. People care about you.

If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, this site is really helpful. There are people here who listen to everything you have to say and it has helped me a lot. So if you are feeling like you don’t have anyone to vent to, just remember, we are here if you need us.

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