News about my own youtube channel

Things go as expected usually like for my channel it keeps my mind off of things and its been really fun to be part of it but the issues have been bothering me about some comments i get here and there and i know its normal but with how easily i can get hurt by it i cant stop thinking of what im doing wrong half the time. I have been making my own alternate take on something i like to do and its like either are too annoying to listen to or im not following the real story behind what ive been working on so i dont know what else i can do other than delete hateful comments but they slowly tear me apart thinking im not so good but i do get good comments as well saying that ive done really good on them so thats one good thing. I still get hurt by comments and i dont really know what i can do really.


Hi @emoamy666 Welcome back :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you are getting not so nice comments on your channel. Unfortunately, that’s something that happens to just about everyone from famous celebrities to YouTubers with 5 views on their videos. It doesn’t matter how nice you are or what your content is, there will always be those people that want to hurt you or just be a troll.

I could never be a content creator for the very reason that negative comments would destroy me. It takes someone with thick skin to ignore comments and I just couldn’t do it.

I hope you figure something out that works for you!

well i do feel better hearing from other youtubers that do comment on my channel more positive things plus i will be deleting comments like that and as i said in previous times on here i went through alot of depression so its been hard to control my emotions when i get hateful comments or anything along that. I am happy though that i got at least 60 subs so far so i should just focus on the positive comments only and delete the bad ones

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