Nightmares yet again

I’m still having horrible nightmares again

I’m sorry - nightmares are horrible. I get them too… The best thing I can suggest is to reach out when you wake up to them. I wake up crying and end up having a freak out on my friends here in the community - they always talk me down and help me to rationalise, realise it’s just a nightmare so I can get back to sleep or at least calm down… Writing them down, getting them out your head is the best thing you can do. Whether it’s to people you trust or in a journal for yourself… It’s hard to remember, but nightmares are just our brains processing things… Just like any other dream.

Hold Fast

Thanks, Kayla. Most of my nightmares are about various bereavements (literal and lost friendships and relationships, as well as big missed opportunities) in my life, or feeling lost or out of control of what is going on around me.