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No matter how far away you are, God is with you


Hi. How you doing? Today, I listened to RED’s Release the Panic: Recalibrated because I haven’t listen to it in awhile. It is still a good EP. Ironically, yesterday it was the EP’s fifth anniversary. It’s a late celebration. Hehe. These songs brought me back to my college years. I remember the joyful memories I had, the struggles I went through, and I thank God for being with me. While I was listening their song, So Far Away, I cried. The line of the chorus said,

“How can your love be so close
When I’m so far away?”

This band are not afraid to be honest of who they are. Regardless of what anyone says. They know God loves them, He is there with them, but they don’t feel like He is there. Something I relate to and resonate. There are times I think God is not with me. He is far away. I am distancing myself from Him because of my sins. How could He loved me after all the horrible things I said and done!? The truth is that He has forgiven me. Jesus Christ dying for my sins and others is a bridge to Him. To have a relationship with the Lord. Our Savior deserves the glory and honor. I just wanted to say no matter how far away you are, God is with you. Because He loves you. Thank you for RED for the amazing music you put out over the years. I am really grateful for you guys. I can’t wait to see what God is doing. Thank you for reading. I hope you are having a great day or night. Let the peace of the Holy Spirit be with you.


Innocence & Instinct has blessed me in some really dark times. Forever, Shadows, and Never Be the Same are straight worship songs.
So Far Away is probably my favorite Panic song.



I&I is my favorite RED album.


Oh I will absolutely have to listen to this. Thank you!!