No one knows what i feel or why i feel it why i li

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No one knows what I feel or why I feel it. Why I live with this guilt and shame. Why did everything fall apart when I was so powerless to stop it why couldn’t I stop it why can’t I escape it


Thank you so much for opening up and talking about how you’re feeling. When no one knows what we are going through or why we feel the way we do, it can feel as though we’re stuck in a cave. It’s dark, dreary, and scary. We can hear the voice of those playing happily outside, enjoying their lives and living care-free. We want that, but we’re stuck in the pitch black and we don’t even know how to get our footing to stand and try to navigate our way out of this darkness. We are left feeling alone, cold, and reminded that we are missing out on the joy we can hear echoing through the cave.

Though you may not know how to stand up on our own, you are already making the first step, and that is calling out for help. Nobody will know that you are suffering alone in the dark if you don’t make them aware. They won’t know that someone is trapped in the cave if they don’t hear a peep. You are taking this first step by opening up on here and telling us that you are struggling. Now others can come in with a flashlight and help you walk back out to light. It will take adjustment once we see the light and it can blind us at first, but after a hard journey out of the cave, we will be free in the light.

No matter how you ended up in that cave, you still deserve escape. Whether you feel like you put yourself there or if you were put there against your will, that does not matter. All that matter is that you are currently stuck in the darkness, and we, along with so many other people in your life who love and care about you, will do anything to take your hand an walk with you out of that darkness and back to the light. This darkness is not your home.

We here at HeartSupport are so glad that you’ve opened up, and I would love to speak more in-depth about your story and your struggles. Nothing that you’ve done, that’s been done to you, or that you’ve been through is too tough to talk about. Talking about our struggles is the first step on the road to healing. We are here for you and so is everyone in your life who loves and cares about you. You mean so much and the world truly is a better place with you in it, right now, just as you are. I love you and am so thankful I have this time to talk with you. We are here when you need us and would love to talk more. Holdfast- we believe in you.

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Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. We are so glad you are here! I’m sorry you are experiencing feelings of powerlessness and guilt and shame. These are strong emotions that leave us feeling trapped and hopeless. I feel your pain because I have struggled with those feelings during seasons in my life. Shame and guilt thrive in the dark, but when we begin to open up and share our experiences with others we trust, that lets in the light. once light enters the equation, guilt and shame begin to lose their grip. Have you ever shared your story with someone or written it down? There’s a sense of freedom that I’ve experienced after unloading, even if no one else reads it. Then I felt more comfortable sharing with someone. You are not meant to carry these burdens alone and there are people here who are willing and eager to listen. I pray that you are able to continue to open up and that you are able to heal. Climbing out of a pit of painful emotions can seem overwhelming, but you are not alone and we are here to help pull you up!