No one wants me happy

I started talking to this really great guy, he makes so happy and is always there when I need him. I met him here. My "friends think he’s a fake and says that I should stop talking to him. I can’t, not talk to him. I think it’s cute that they care, but who would have the guts to be fake on here? If you are fake on here, why? Is it for attention? I flipped on them. All they ever do is give me reasons as to why I shouldn’t be happy. They always make me feel worthless and unwanted when I’m near them. Every single one of them is super cuddly with their significant other, and I was used by the last person I was with. I don’t know what to do. I’m unloveable and worthless. I just want to submit to the shadows. I’m tired of feeding myself lies.

(please excuse my username… I hit “b” when I ment to hit “w”

Those aren’t your friends. Friends dont act like that, friends would trust you, and give this guy a chance. Never let them make you think they are ‘friends.’ It never ends well. Friends are supposed to lift you up and support you. If they’re hypocrites making you feel worthless, who cares about them. There’s nothing wrong with you, its them. It’s better to be alone and feeling good about yourself than surrounded with liars.
Never give up, friend <3
God Bless You - Black Veil Brides (a song I strongly recommend :slight_smile:)

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thats a great song btw

Do not mix with people who don’t make you happy. As long as you’re an adult, don’t know you age, nobody gets to hold you down. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s a mistake you need to make, and you’ll learn from. If you’re still underage, you’ll have to abide by the rules of the house you live in, but you get to pick who you are friends with.

AND… bonus… words like no one, always, ever, never… they are stupid words. Nothing is absolute. There are people who want you happy, just look at the comments. So stop using words like that, because they just stress you out, and makes you think worse about yourself.