No point to life!

I cannot see a point to life! It’s just something that is horrible and sucks that you just have to “suck it up and get through”… I am tired of that, life if not worth expending the energy then.
I just want it all to be over with… I don’t want to do this anymore. I have tried to find that ever elusive bright spot but I can’t find it… I have tried… so I thought I would try this… what is the point of life for you?

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@Michellelena I’m sorry that you’re struggling right now. I’ve seen you on a lot of posts here on the wall and you’ve helped a lot of people.
I struggle with the same feeling of life being pointless and worthless. Here at HeartSupport you head the words “we will love you until you learn to love yourself” a lot and that’s what keeps me going. I’m 22 and never known what it’s like to love myself, but the ‘point of life’ for me, is loving people through their struggles, and taking life one step at a time together through the fights we all face.

Hold fast

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Honestly, the point of life - or the point of my life - is something I have struggled with for a long time. I still don’t always feel it, but the conclusion I have reached is not knowing what the point of life is means I can decide for myself what I want it to be. So the point is learning to make that choice, and seeing it through.

Which is easier said than done, for sure. For me, I try to see the things that aren’t being seen, and say the things that aren’t being said. That’s the loftiest goal, at least. Some days the point turns out to be staying alive, period.

I hate that phrase “suck it up” because it’s just “I don’t care how you feel” in different words, and your feelings are valid and valuable. It’s ok to feel what you are feeling. I can’t promise it will get better, but I can promise it will get different, and that has the potential to turn out to be better. Kayla is right about HeartSupport: you are loved no matter what, exactly as you are right now, and however you are tomorrow, and all the days after that. No conditions. It still continues to amaze me.

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Life is pointless. There is no meaning to it. If there was someone would have told you its meaning and you’d find the answer satisfying. “Life is what you make of it.”

My meaning of life: I want to improve myself, how I interact with others, my environment, my involvement & my life.
Is this the meaning to life? (Some of you reading this already answered) It is the meaning of my life. Whether it stems from low self esteem or high ego or if I’m one of those prejudice/racist punks (I hope not). I do not know. I made a choice that I wanted meaning to my life and decided that since no one could give me the meaning that I’ll create one. You know what? I’m content. That is good enough for me. (It sickens me tbh because I’m a writer (not published) and we have high expectations for ourselves in general to be completely overwhelming satisfied.)

It is enough for me to look at my cycling thoughts about ending it all & saying “Screw you. I’m continuing my adventure, misery or no misery.”

I tell myself “You’re one miserable bastard you should off yourself so others can get a relief.” It use to be silence afterwards. Now I reply: “Yes. I’m a miserable Bastard & suffered greatly. I will suffer on so no thank you. Not today.”

The road to get to this point was not easy. I’m basically pretty much old. So it took about a decade to get to this point. Worse was once I got over being suicidal, I was still not a happy camper. I was a pessimist. Very negative. I mean I had purpose but I was a bottomfeeder most of my life until about 2015 when that negativity became toxic. It snapped me out of it & I fought hard to be as positive as I am now. Still I am working on it. I am content and like the miserable bastard that I am I press on, gloriously purposefully, naive thinking the best for/about everyone. Maybe I’m a fool or found my value. Either way. I am Who I am and I enjoy myself (misery & all) even on days I could just shut myself off to the world (I am not a masochist, sadist or masosadist in anyway).